Monday, November 10, 2008

Something's different.

I GOT A PERM! I really like it. People say they don't like them at first but I love it. Lauren said she wants one but if she cut her hair like mine it'd be like this.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to play catch up

Well I have been threatened by Steph and Jessica now so I figured it'd be a good plan to do some blogging. I had planned to last night but instead I decided to go to FHE and play capture the flag.
Ok so last time I wrote I told you I went on a big group date. But I didn't tell you that on this date one of the guys tried to make the fire bigger by using bug spray. This guy was....Not the brightest lets say...So the first time it got bigger oooo ahhhh second time it kinda sorta caught the can on fire and this boy, not being one of the smarter people in the world threw the can into the woods. Now don't worry there were 6 eagle scout boys there, yes one was the one that threw the can into the woods so lets say there were 5 eagle scout boys there, after can thrower threw the can two of the guys tried to figure out what to do. Thankfully the can didn't explode in the woods and we could enjoy the rest of our night. That night we discovered that if you open Yoohoo's and put them in the fire they make way good hot chocolate. Mom you would enjoy it. :-) Before we went out and tried to kill ourselves in the woods we went to the nicklecade it was way awesome. I think I have some pictures from that.
My roommate Carrie counting her nickles
Playing the Awesome DDR wannabe hand game
Carrie and one of our EXTREMELY friendly dates
So that was that date...Kinda awkward but whatever if I had been in a happy mood I would have enjoyed it.

So right after I got home from Oregon I decided it was time to go to Idaho and visit Garret and Lauren. I kinda forgot about Alex until I was there. So Sunday I left around 4 and got there about 8:30. It was an easy drive I think it was harder to do during the day because I could see that there was NOTHING around me whereas at night I could pretend there might be something :-). So I got to Idaho and went to Lauren's apartment. As soon as i got there we left to go Stadium Singing. It was way way fun. I for sure loved it. First we sang with the spanish group (by sang I mean we watermelloned) and then we joined the english speakers. It was way fun to just hang out with Lor and sing. That night when we came back she got out her guitar and we sang and sang and sang until her FHE dad came over to say hi. So when we left we just talked and it was so great to hang out with her again. I love Lauren. So Sunday ended and we went to bed because we had class at 1015 the next morning. So we woke up showered blah blah blah went to class (I got to wear my scarves oh my gosh it was amazing) so we went to Family History. I thought it would be way way lame but oh my gosh the teacher was way cool I actually learned some stuff. Then we went to my favorite class, CHOIR. And there was when I saw Alex. So we sang and then choir was over so Lauren and I were walking home and she lives by a Little Ceaser and so not a good combo we smelled the pizza and were drawn there. We got a pizza and walked the rest of the way home, across the parking lot, and enjoyed our yummmmmmmy meal. Around 2 Alex called me and said to meet him at some building I suggested he meet us at Lauren's apartment. So he came over. We hung out until Lauren had to go to choir. So we walked Lauren to class then I enjoyed a nice tour of campus. After our tour Garret was almost out of class so we went over to meet him. We then went to DI to find Alex and ugly sweater he didn't like any of them so then we went to wal mart to get cash back for the haunted mill. After Wal Mart we got some grub and then Garret didn't want to come with us to the Haunted Mill because he's easily persuaded by his friend that was there and so we parted ways. Alex and I went back to Lauren's for like 10 minutes before we left for the scariest thing EVER! After Alex went home and Garret came over we just talked from like 9 till 12. The next day I hung out with Garret like allllllll day. Becides when he went to class. So we hung out pretty much from like 11-12 (midnight) minus a couple hours. That was fun. The next day I drove home at one. Cleaned for the clean check and do something else...I don't remember what though...
Alex being the statue
My favorite Ugly Sweater
Now I'm hungry
Bendites Unite!
This is the guy I was attached to in the Haunted Mill no attraction in any way.
Garret :-) yay!
Other than this trip nothing too exciting has happened. Halloween came and went. I wore the Jungle girl to the stake party and Belle to work. At work it was so cute because a little girl wanted a picture with me it was adorable. I loved it.
Me with Mels and Aubrey at the dance
After the Party at the Stake Center
Dahlia and Me Halloween after we got our nails done
All my lovely roommates. I love them

I don't know what else I should write. So if you remember something important that happened that I should post let me know. :-)