Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is there anything to talk about other than dating?!

So I live in Provo, the dating mecca. Seriously everyone here is concerned about their dating lives and who is and isn't going on dates. There is more to life than dating! I know that right now we are told we're supposed to be going on dates and fulfilling that part of our lives but seriously? You want me to focus on dating while I'm trying to juggle my work and school schedule... haha that's funny! It seems like all of my conversations with people lately have been on dating. Why can't we talk about something else. I know we don't want to talk about school when we are dealing with it for 11 hours a day. I know I don't want to elaborate on the life of being a receptionist but can we talk about our hobbies. I know people play sports (maybe not me but people do... I'm sure) At dinner group we were talking about dating, then again on the drive home from school today. Two totally different groups the SAME subject. We get it enough from our parents and teachers and church leaders we don't need the pressure from our friends and peers too.

Everyone has their own beliefs on how to play the game or not play it but there is no set way of dating here in Provo. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone dated in the same ways, especially if there was no game? that would be amazing right? I wonder if dating outside of the bubble sucks as bad as it does here. You have to text 15-30 minutes after the date to make sure he knows you enjoyed your date and he knows you're interested and want to go on another. Or for some even if you don't text after the date he's still going to assume you want to go on more dates with him and keep asking.

Honestly I'm so sick of the game. I don't think dating should be viewed as a game. You don't want to find your eternal companion by playing mind tricks with them. What does that mean the rest of your relationship will be like if you are constantly pretending to not be interested in the beginning so he'll call you faster, or if you say you're busy one night but not another so you don't come off too easy. Be upfront with your feelings and opinions. Don't hide who you really are just to play some stupid game.