Thursday, December 13, 2012

What have I done?!

Oh my gosh. Holy crap guess what stupid thing I did!


Yeah I might be slightly freaking out. I started training last week for it. I did my first run and went 4 miles jogging/walking. Then I went running on my own on Saturday in the FREEZING weather and I only went 1.5 miles. Then Tuesday I went running with one of my friends I'm doing the run with and I ran/walked a mile. Then yesterday I went on my own (yay me!) and I RAN A MILE AN A HALF ON MY OWN! I  felt so accomplished. The best part is now I have a reason to work out. I haven't really worked out since I started losing weight because I'm lazy and I'd rather watch Hulu than work out but I have forced myself to go a few times and I kinda like running now. Mostly because I know I can do it now. I have been talking to my coworkers that are doing the half with me and we encourage each other and it's just freaking amazing. It's going to be March 16 and I'm doing it with Jamie, Mindy (Jamie's mom), Lexie, Haeli and Martha and oh my gosh I'm so excited. We are going to rock it! Any encouragement or wise words you have to offer are greatly appreciated.