Saturday, April 17, 2010


So i have the CUTEST nephew. He learned how to open the fridge the other day and make a mess. We noticed he was a bit quiet but didn't think much of it... then Dahlia got up and oh boy...Clay was sitting in the middle of about 10 eggs. One was cracked but it was so funny to me. It's hard to be mad at someone as adorable as him.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sleepover!

So for Easter this year ALL my roommates were gone. So it was just me and since I hate being alone I invited Sarah over. Well I invited her over before I knew I'd be alone. But we watched Hercules and World Trade Center, colored eggs, and watched Conference. It was so fun. We got a tie dye kit for the only kinda worked...but it was less messy than putting them in a cup for however long. Sarah was also being nice and letting the tradition of hanging eggs live on by stringing them for her Home Teacher' 2 AM. We didn't get to bed until like 4. Yuck.

All of the eggs we hung
Eggs for VT's

The process
Notice the snow

Right in front of their apt

Our Breakfast feast recipe for this deliciousness here

Seriously soooo good

Family dinner plus two neighbors