Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Week in Paradise most of you know...since it's only my family that ever reads this...I just spent 9 days in Hawaii. Lets just say it was AMAZING. I think everyone should go at least once in their life. But trust me once you go once you'll want to go again...and again and again. I don't think I will ever get enough. I'm excited when we go as a WHOLE family in a couple years. It will be so good when I have Lauren with me. She always makes trips more fun. But it was so good. I'll try to remember what we did everyday but we packed the trip full!

Friday Nov 20
Woke up at 515ish AM to drive to the LA Flight at 7.
Got to LA about 9. Get completely lost. That is a giant airport I kid you not. Never fly though there with more then one airline.
Fly out of LA at 11ish.
Get to Portland at 2ish Meet up with Mom Dad and Carmen
Wait until 5ish for our flight to Hawaii. The Portland Airport is set up so ALL the food is outside of security. So when Carmen Mom and I got hungry we had to leave the security area but don't worry we were efficient and only brought the necessities with us and left everything else with Dad. Somehow it still took mom forever to get through security....Someone needs to get her velcro shoes I think that's what takes her longest.
11 PM Hawaiian time land in Hawaii. Don't worry it was the longest flight of my entire life. AND they smelled "fumes" in the front and we had to land as fast as possible. But we're alive. It was so cool they had these dudes in astronaut suits come and check our plane. Dad also got us seats in the VERY back. Ok second to the back row but it was bad enough. Behind us were some girls and their mom. The girls would not stop complaining about every little thing.
In Hawaii we got our car named "Boawser" Boswer for short. And we drove to our hotel. This one wasn't that nice. Mom and Dad had their own room and Carmen and I shared the sofa bed. We also had nice size kitchen for a hotel and the bathroom was pretty big.

Saturday 21
We all woke up starving. And we woke up at like 7:30 because we were 3 hours behind our normal time zone. The rest of the family were only 2 hours. But we woke up pretty early and we were all sooooo freaking hungry. We asked the person at the desk where there best breakfast was. They directed us to Mac 24/7. Where we learned that they have 14 inch pancakes that were featured on Travel Channel. So super expensive but super delicious. If you ever go to Oahu make sure you go to this place for breakfast. It will last you at least two days. :-) We got Mac Nut Pineapple and Coconut Pancakes. They also came with coconut syrup AND maple syrup. But you didn't need much because the pancakes had so much flavor to them. After we'd filled ourselves up with pancakes our day went a little something like this
11-2ish driving up the coast to Laie
2ish-4ish Looking at the Laie temple which is closed for major renovations. EVERYTHING. It's pretty much a skeleton
4-9ish PCC where we got to tour a couple of the Polynesian islands. we also enjoyed a luau DELICIOUS food and the show "Ha the Breath of Life" which was super good. Kinda reminded me of Star Child. Haha only the songs weren't as cheesy and you couldn't see the mic's attached to their heads. :-)
After the PCC we drove back to our hotel and slept for a only a few hours
We woke up finished up our pancakes. (Between four people and two days they were done)
Went to the airport.
Flew to The Big Island
On the Big Island we got our new car. A Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. NEVER get one of these. They are so hard to drive so annoying the backseat isn't even remotely comfortable. No arm rest no place to rest your head it was just not fun for us.
We went to our villa next at Wikaloa Village. The hotel didn't provide wi-fi for everyone. It was only in the lounge and by the pool but our villa was across the street from the pool so we got it in there :-) Our neighbors learned that they could get it too.
We ate at the nearby mall and then returned home.

I think typing this is getting too boring so I'll just put pictures and say what they are....

Waiting in the airport for our flight to Hawaii

Leaving our Condo for breakfast

First place we stayed

Sweetest thing ever

Us with our MacDaddy Pancake

Beautiful clear skies

Mom got us flowers for our hair

It was soooo windy

The blowhole

Family in front of Laie temple

The asked who was celebrating their anniversary and had them dance. My parents were celebrating their temple anniversary :-) So cute. Had to force dad to dance though


They got married

Airport again


Hawaiian Sunsets are as beautiful as people say


Plane again

Oh look it's Hawaii

FULL cart. 200 dollars later we ate almost all of it.

I'll post more later. Or you can just look at my facebook pictures...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Melissa's Mom

So lets just say Melissa has a pretty cool mom. She sends Mels random packages. And they usually have pretty sweet stuff in it. This package had AWSOME socks in it. I got to pick first it was sweet. :-)

I think it's Mary Me Laura Ang Melissa. I was taking the picture and a little distracted so my feet don't look as good as everyone else.

What cute socks we got! Thanks Melissa's Mom!

PS Mom I'd love it if you sent me random packages :-) Or you can just send me to Hawaii :-)

Speaking of Hawaii. 11 days until I enjoy the tropical sunsets and put my feet in the soft sand with my family!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning.

Today I realized that the weather does have an effect on my mood. I woke up at 9 to the sun blaring in my window. My first reaction was "that was a way funny dream" then I put my mask on and went back to bed. But at 10 I woke up and I looked out my window and realized "what a beautiful day" then I got up. I showered. And now I'm on to homework. What a wonderful day.

I hope when it gets dull and white outside I can still wake up happy. :-)

Have a great day everyone.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well this weekend was pretty fun!
Friday we went to the stake dance. It was pretty sweet! There were way more people there this year than last year. There was even a mechanical bull! SWEEEEEET
This year was super exciting because we went as the 7 deadly sins. Awesome right? And I'm so surprised it turned out really well. Now as you guessed it is time for pictures

Aubs getting ready
6 girls getting ready in one room...good thing our closets are mirrors
"You need more blush"
Claytin is the cutest little thing ever!

Everyone from left to right.
Carrie-Pride Me-Greed Melissa-Envy Angilyn-Gluttony Ariel-Wrath Emily-Lust Aubrey-Sloth
Envy and Pride

I had no idea how a greedy person would pose...
Claytin LOVED the jewelry
This was my favorite part of my outfit. I made a bow out of my fake money.
Gluttony.... LOVED HER BUTT
Mels looked hottttttt

Seriously look at her. What a beautiful girl.

The Mechanical Bull. This is my friend Niko riding it
One of my friends Brian riding the bull.
The best part of the dance was seeing how creative other people were. Here are a few of the awesome costumes we saw.
Tetris pieces...seriously awesome
They did all fit together
Seriously who would have thought of this "God's gift to Women" funny people

Saturday was pretty good too. Not as much fun. But still fun. i went to work and dressed up. I wore the Cave Woman outfit from Jazz Choir a couple years ago. It seems to work well. Amazingly my hair mostly stayed teased the whole shift. I just looked a little funny because I had to have a headband on to keep my hair contained. :-)

Saturday night I went and spent some time with my friend's Hayley and Niko (Nick). We went to South Jordan and we met Hayley's parents and then we went to the Stepfather. Seriously scary movie... But it's good. I thought it was so funny but Hayley's dad had Nick write his name on a shotgun shell. So once they left I took a picture of it... It's sweet.