Wednesday, May 28, 2014

End of an Era

Unfortunately yesterday my time at Utah Valley Pediatrics came to an end. I knew it needed to happen but I didn't know when I would get the courage to do it. Robert and I had been playing what if games all weekend. Basically different scenarios that could happen at work and I told him if one happened I would quit. So yesterday I did. It was emotional leaving all the friends I made there and the awesome doctors I worked for but I needed to stand up for myself and do what I knew I needed to do. I turned in my two weeks requested to use the last of my vacation hours and got all my shifts covered for the next two weeks.  Crazy right?
I turned in a few applications yesterday and got called back within an hour for an interview. Today I turned in a few more and I have at least two interviews a day until Tuesday! I'm kinda enjoying not having a job. It is a break from the stress but let's be honest I'll get bored if I don't get a new job asap.
Let's all be excited for the new chapter in my life!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kennedy is HOME!!!!

After 18 months of being separated my KDawg finally came home! It is so nice having my little ginger devil back! We went to one of her companions homecoming parties a couple weeks ago and boy oh boy we were not prepared for what happened. It was a full on Luau! No joke, dancing, dead pig, endless amounts of Tongan's and food. It was awesome. We were the only white people there so that was sooo weird. 

Kennedy and I felt super awkward
Kennedy eating a pig's foot
Just another view of the foot
The first time we hung out we went to the Riverwoods it was really fun. Gosh I missed this girl

Mother's Day

First of all let me tell you, I have the best mom ever. Like no joke. Who wouldn't want Super Woman as their mom. But I did that whole my mom is better than yours last year so this year I'll just tell you what we did for her. Robert and I are incredibly poor (yay newly weds) So we couldn't afford to buy her a gift. Instead we taught Carmen, Lauren, Tea (Lauren's niece) and Danny (Carmen's boytoy) how to make a flower out of balloons. Then Robert made a vase. It was so fun and incredibly loud. We also had an amazing steak dinner thanks to Carmen. 

Happy Mother's Day to the best woman I know. 

Yogurt Bliss

After many tearful nights of stressing over our budget Robert decided he would take his balloon art to a local Yogurt shop. Now Robert twists there Wednesday nights from 6-8. I love going and watching him make things up. It is so great. Sometimes he just feels the need to be creative and this one of his outlets. 

This little girl wanted a smartphone...Use your imagination with this one.
This handsome little boy (Logan, my coworker's son) got a dog and we decided to use him to display Robert's balloon sign
This is "Ricky Rouse" 
This nerd in the making wanted an "Eye of Horace" 
I think this frog is adorable
This is the back of the cell phone
Okay so Dad is wearing a dragon hat and holding a cupcake.
I totally take the credit for this one because it was my idea. A Rattle Snake. I love it. and him. 

Papi's 90th

My Mom's dad just turned 90. This meant a last minute birthday party for him. And by last minute I mean four days of planning and figuring thing out. It also meant I got to see Robert in action at a party. Robert was soooo good at entertaining the kids and making endless amount of balloons for them. The line never ended (until it did) 

My Aunt and Mom with their daddy
Mima and Papi and their daughters
My Aunt's older kids, Peter, Anna and Joey
The line for balloons and my handsome balloon man
Anna's twin boys wanted baseball hats
A monkey in a palm tree
Robert's new and improved dog
I still think this is my favorite balloon he makes, a penguin. So adorable! 


Sometimes it is so nice living so close to my family. Not only my siblings but my parents too! It is also very very VERY nice that Lauren has a house that holds all of us when we want to get together. Downside is she lives in so far away in Payson. For Easter we all went to her house and had a traditional dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls. Of course we had rolls. We also had an egg hunt for Mr. Aidan. Unfortunately Brendan and Dahlia's family were with her parents so we didn't get to play with Mr Clay. Here are some pictures from that day. I can't believe how BIG Aidan is. He is going to be a lady killer. Remember when he was just a little chubscout? 

Aidan and Mama decorating the Bunny cake
Aidan looking for eggs outisde
I'm 95% sure he took a bite of the cake after this picture (I taught him well)
It is so nice having nephews old enough to really interact with