Friday, December 31, 2010

Forget 2010 and move on to 2011

As we are finishing up 2010 it is time to focus on 2011, not the downfalls of the past year but the many things we can change and better ourselves in. Examine your life and where you want it to go, then figure out where it is going now, if needed change your lifestyle. Live today like you want to be remembered tomorrow. Don't live life ashamed. Do your best. If you need help kneel and ask Christ for his loving help, he will always be there to help and comfort you. He will be with you today, tomorrow and forever. He loves each of us eternally and wants us all to return to him.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Top 5 days for sure!!

Soooo pretty much today was the MOST AMAZING day ever! No, I didn't get asked out on some hot date, get a good grade (well I do have good grades), or anything like that.... Something much more surprising. I GOT TO SEE GARRET!!! It was the best random surprise ever.
For my job we have to get lunch for the doctors and I usually just order somewhere that's super fast and delivers but today I decided Kneaders would be a good decision. So I went to pick it up and it ended up taking longer than it should have and then as I was walking out I saw some missionaries out of the corner of my eye but I didn't really notice it. (weird right) So I was walking out the door thinking none of them were Garret but then I heard his voice. I quickly turned around and then I turned him around (yup super awkward) and he thought I was trying to move him to the side to get by and I said "No, Garret!" and he was like "Woah" and immediately went for the handshake. I had a HUGE bag of sandwiches and salads in my hand and it was really difficult for me to shake his hand but I accomplished it. After that we had the most awkward one minute conversation of my life. It consisted of incomplete words. Haha and thoughts. Oh my gosh so embarrassing. But whatever it was awesome to see him. He asked if I still lived in Provo because I mentioned I was going to be in Oregon for Christmas and I told him I lived here. (If I lived in Oregon I would attack him with letters) :-) But seriously most amazing thing of my life. Thirteen more months!