Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"You look like you have moldy tonsils"

Well I've been sick since a little bit before Christmas but it didn't really make me worry until a couple weeks ago. I couldn't swallow, it just hurt so bad. So finally last Thursday I went to the doctor. The doctor said "oh that looks like a nasty bacteria" and prescribed me some antibiotics. After a couple days of those I realized nothing was happening and parts of my sickness were getting worse. So I went back to the doctor on Monday where he finally did some tests. They drew blood and swabbed my throat. Yesterday I got the call where they told me I have mono. YUCK! I have the kissing disease! And it's not even from kissing. I guess my mom was right when she told me not to share drinks with people. Dang it! Next time maybe I'll actually listen to my mom's advice. :-) But I have it now so I just get to sit and hope I get better soon...AND hope it doesn't flare up at the worst time.
This is probably what my mouth looks like...maybe worse. i mean Laura did describe it as "moldy tonsils" Gross...
Other than that fun adventure I've been having not much is going on in my life...
Megan and I enjoyed a Zac Efron-athon... We watched High School 1 2 AND 3 then 17 Again. Amazing day.
Claytin turned 1!!! What a big boy! Literally...Dahlia said he weighs 26 pounds...
Melissa moved into my room so I no longer have my own room. i'm just glad it's melissa not some crazy person named Addie...I mean cough cough...
Carrie moves in today! Woot Carrie is back...not sarcasm. I'm excited.
There's a GIANT bonfire in Salt Lake this weekend and I NEED to be healthy enough to go...or I will just make myself sicker but whatever I'm down. I really want to go so bad. It looks amazing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I went on a road trip to get away from Happy Valley for a few days and decided to head down to St George to see Ariel. :-) It was way fun. We went to her singles was...old. There were many balding men (Jourdan would have enjoyed it) and many ugly men...and women. I felt pretty in that ward. It was her first and last time at that ward. We also went Ice Skating on Monday. It was...awesome? It was cool because I didn't fall. I almost did but don't worry the wall caught me. Well we were there the missionaries were there too. We met a spanish missionary that is going to be Garret's best friend I decided. Elder Arturo or something. We watched the Proposal...twice. And we just had fun and laughed. :-) I enjoyed my vacation but had to come back to the reality of Provo because work beckons me.
Also I decided I want to live in Salt Lake next fall...I know Lauren is going to hate it but I really want to be closer to LDSBC if I'm going to continue going there. Jourdan and I are looking for apartments and stuff so hopefully we'll find something good and cheap...well same price as Raintree. If we can't find something we like we're going to move the Branbury where we get single rooms and full size beds with HD TV's for only 280 per month...sooo that could be very cool.

Oh the title of this is one of the signs I read on my drive...not random... funny though right?
This picture is posed.

Yeah can't do this on the ice...

I think this temple is BEAUTIFUL

Lost my contact in my eye...stuck with glasses for the rest of my life.

Pretty temple

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding time once again

So our fridge was getting pretty packed with wedding invites over the past month or so. Thankfully they're starting to get married so we can take them down. Today my friend Jordan got married. She is now Mrs. White. So cool! I'm so happy for her. Next week I have another 2 friends getting married...on the same day! But Jordan ended up inviting me to the luncheon and the temple to take some pictures. It was fun to be able to see how happy and beautiful she was. :-) I love you Jordan...and Payne White!

My FAVORITE picture
2nd Fav



Edit. look at her ring...So so so Jordan and Payne picked it out

Me Jordan and Katrina


Just so everyone knows I wore Vans to the wedding

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So I lost my camera somewhere between the Honolulu airport and the Salt Lake Airport last time I remember having it was in the Honolulu airport but who knows what happened to it.

Anyway for Christmas I received a nice present in my stocking....a sticky note that said "camera" so...I was But turns out it was ordered and on it's way. Well today I got my camera and I'm SUPER excited. I love it already. It's red and has a red case...not my favorite color but whatever it's still awesome. It's a Canon Powershot SD780 IS
It's BEAUTIFUL. I love it. I LOVE it. I've been playing with it for the past hour and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. :-) Thanks Santa!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sometimes People Leave...

Well the end of the semester and the year brought some good things and some sad.

I got to go home for a weekend and party with Jessica, Garret, Tyler, Nick, Rachel, Sarah, and Liz.

While I was home I taught the twins how to throw whipped cream into your mouth...a hard but tasty and messy task

Went to the Mt. Bachelor Ward Christmas party

Saw Lauren and Bryan Ringo and convinced them I was engaged. (even with a fake ring...awesome right?)

Most of my friends moved home...or left on missions...or got married
Jourdan Satterfield
Nathan Bodily
Garret Brendlinger
Nick Farrer
Jordan Roundy
Kennedy Bryce
Yeah it just makes me a little sad that they're all gone. But hopefully I can break out of the box and make friends.

Remember last year when I didn't have many friends. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.