Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I went on a road trip to get away from Happy Valley for a few days and decided to head down to St George to see Ariel. :-) It was way fun. We went to her singles ward...it was...old. There were many balding men (Jourdan would have enjoyed it) and many ugly men...and women. I felt pretty in that ward. It was her first and last time at that ward. We also went Ice Skating on Monday. It was...awesome? It was cool because I didn't fall. I almost did but don't worry the wall caught me. Well we were there the missionaries were there too. We met a spanish missionary that is going to be Garret's best friend I decided. Elder Arturo or something. We watched the Proposal...twice. And we just had fun and laughed. :-) I enjoyed my vacation but had to come back to the reality of Provo because work beckons me.
Also I decided I want to live in Salt Lake next fall...I know Lauren is going to hate it but I really want to be closer to LDSBC if I'm going to continue going there. Jourdan and I are looking for apartments and stuff so hopefully we'll find something good and cheap...well same price as Raintree. If we can't find something we like we're going to move the Branbury where we get single rooms and full size beds with HD TV's for only 280 per month...sooo that could be very cool.

Oh the title of this is one of the signs I read on my drive...not random... funny though right?
This picture is posed.

Yeah can't do this on the ice...

I think this temple is BEAUTIFUL

Lost my contact in my eye...stuck with glasses for the rest of my life.

Pretty temple


Melissa said...

I'm so proud of you for going ice skating. You are so brave!

Dahlia said...

which temple is it? It is really pretty! btw. I like your glasses! You're family tends to look really good in them.

Adrienne said...

St. George. I've always like the look of it. But I love it now. It's so pretty. The grounds aren't that wonderful though.