Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding time once again

So our fridge was getting pretty packed with wedding invites over the past month or so. Thankfully they're starting to get married so we can take them down. Today my friend Jordan got married. She is now Mrs. White. So cool! I'm so happy for her. Next week I have another 2 friends getting married...on the same day! But Jordan ended up inviting me to the luncheon and the temple to take some pictures. It was fun to be able to see how happy and beautiful she was. :-) I love you Jordan...and Payne White!

My FAVORITE picture
2nd Fav



Edit. look at her ring...So so so Jordan and Payne picked it out

Me Jordan and Katrina


Just so everyone knows I wore Vans to the wedding

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Maria Bone said...

I do like the shoes!