Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm going to get better at this...

Well the past four months of my life have been quite the whirlwind!
I met the most amazing man in the world the week before Christmas.
I started dating him the week after New  Years.
We got engaged a month later.
We got married April 1.
So my life has been CRAZY! But I have loved every bit of it.

Robert and I met online. OH BOY! Yeah we met on a hookup app. Not even an online service just a phone app! I was doing a research about online dating and Tinder (the name of the app) and he had downloaded it after getting the thought "hmm maybe I should download Tinder." So he started talking to me, gave me a very awkward compliment and I was smitten. Okay not really, I went out with a few other guys after I met him. We went on our first date on a Sunday and he asked if we could go out again on Saturday. I of course said yes. We hung out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday. The Tuesday after that we went on separate vacations, him to Canada to meet with his musician and me to Vegas to... well celebrate New  Years. After our vacations we were hanging out and he was trying to get me to break up with him but unfortunately I had already decided I was going to marry him. So the next day we are talking again and he coming up with excuses for me to break up with him but I didn't even flinch. I knew we were supposed to get married and eventually he would realize. Later that night he asked me if I would ever want to be Adrienne Enke. Of course I said yes. A few weeks later we were engaged. He proposed in front of the St. George temple. We have the whole thing on film thanks to an older missionary. It was a lovely proposal I think my favorite part was, "so uh Adrienne do you think you want to be my best friend for like ever?" After the proposal everything went crazy! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!

But we made it to April 1st somehow and everything went smoothly (as far as I could tell.) I was so blessed to have my best friend Jessica, my cousin Sandra, my new bestie Chelsea and my two sisters as bridesmaids. Robert had his two best friends Kris and Michael as groomsmen. We had a simple ceremony with maybe 50 people (thanks to the 50 that didn't show up so it just looked like no one loved us but whatever now I know who really loves me! ....jokes....) We had delicious breakfast burritos, and even better cake. Layer 1-COTTON CANDY. Layer 2-Chocolate Oreo. Layer 3- Coconut. Layer 4- CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER WITH REECES! It was so yummy. SimplyBlissCatering is who EVERYONE should go through! Best cake ever. The best part was it turned EVERYONE'S teeth blue after they ate our navy blue frosting. (one guest told me she made dark blue poopers for two days after the wedding!)

After our wedding we drove to Park City where we stayed at the Yarrow for a couple nights. It was so wonderful. We had used a groupon but told them we were on our honeymoon so they upgraded us. Then the heater in our upgraded room wasn't working so they upgraded us again! They also sent us some sparkling cider. The next day we went and opened a joint checking account and a joint savings account. It was pretty fun. We went to the outlets after that and walked around and went shopping. That night we went to an AWESOME restaurant. It is called Prime Steak House. Go there. We spent $200 but it was totally worth it. It was delicious. The next day we came home because I had class and work.

Saturday we drove up to Snowbird. We got settled into our room and took off down to Salt Lake. Robert got us tickets to see the Little Mermaid at the Capital Theater. It was the Ballet West II cast but it was still wonderful. We spent the next week up in Snowbird. We went to the pool, ate at the restaurants, wandered around. It was very relaxing. I even got caught up on homework. I had to watch "the business of being born." Yeah never watch that on your honeymoon.

We came back Saturday and resumed our regular lives... Kinda. Tuesday we got a mom and her four puppies who are now 4 weeks old. We are fostering them until they are 5lbs or 3 months (when they can be spayed/neutered) We have two girls and two boys. The girls are Hunter and Lucy. Boys are Indie (Indiana Jones) and LA (Lazy Ass...he sleeps alllll day plus they came from LA to Utah) They are doing soooo well. They love it here and Mom (Elsa) loves being loved on. She is adorable. I know the puppies will be adopted because they have such cute personalities and they themselves are adorable but I worry about mom. She isn't as cute as them. But mom is so sweet and so loving. She needs a home.