Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh and....

One more thing....
I still think about Matt Peterson every day and I miss him a lot a lot a lot.

And I've noticed that a lot of people look kinda like him...and it sucks

My life in pictures the ones at the top are more recent...

Went to the Loft

Took a creeper picture like Nathan

Learned how to make funnel cakes....got creative and tried to make a heart
It was dark...

Went to the temple open house with past and present roommates

Jourdan received some pull ups from wal mart...wonder how those got here... :-)

Brian showed us his sexy face

Went on a picnic with Brian and Tommy

Went swimming with Nathan now known as Best Hot Man Friend

It was actually pretty decent

Met an awesome guy named Nathan he makes dinner for us sometimes

Went to a party met random guys hung out with them in Draper...
The one in the Yellow I already knew because he was friends with my exroommate Lyndsey

I have beautiful roommates :-)
Brian sang to me for my birthday

And sparkler candles

Had a Pinata

Turned 19

Grew closer to my roommates

Claytin got fatter and wanted to eat the camera

Went to birthday dinner with awesome family (my aunts and cousins)

Was super excited about Harry

Went and saw Harry Potter (AMAZING)

Cassie got a little sunburned

Made a hot/quote wall

Went on a Picnic with Jourdan and the Seegmiller brothers

Had a sweet after party in Heber

Went to a sweet party at Nathan's house in Park City

Talked to the fuzzy ducks (Now named Lil Wayne (the black one) and Kerbie)

Hung out with my cool English and Australian friends on temple square

I went to the temple open house with my family