Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My weekend

Well Saturday I got to hang out with Ariel for like 20 minutes. That was fun. I really enjoyed talking to her and seeing her. After that Sarah and I cleaned my car. Oh what fun that was. But it needed to get done. We went and got some cleaning supplies from Macey's, the grocery store, and on our way out we saw the greatest man in the world, Santa. At first he was a little scary only making hand gestures and stuff but whatever we finally figured out what to do and we got our pictures taken with Santa. After the pictures we went back to Lauren's and cleaned. When that was done we went to Aunt Karen's for the Christmas dinner. I brought Cassie, Mels and of course Sarah. It was fun. Sarah and I still needed to get some grocery shopping done but that didn't happen till like 10 pm because we decided to go to Christmas Around the World. It was crazy. Some of it was cool...other parts not so much. After that we went shopping for our date Sunday. We finally got out of the store a little before midnight.
Sunday came and it was the day of our date. I was super excited. It was Sarah's first date here at college and I was going with Matt Peterson. All we we were quite worried one of them would change their mind but they didn't. So 330 rolled around and I went to go get Sarah and Andy. I had to pick up Matt in South Jordan so for the first 30 minutes it was just the three of us. We talked about funny things that happened at girls camp and stuff like that. Then once we got Matt he gave me a quick tour of his house and then HE drove my car to Salt Lake. The whole night he made fun of my car and how it wasn't good enough for him stuff like that. So we went to the Christmas Devotional. It was good. Matt slept through Pres Uchtdorf's talk I was fine with that because I knew he'd been up till like four am but apparently Sarah wasn't too happy with that. After we had a picnic in the back of Richard's jeep. Sandwiches and such. Then we walked around and looked at the lights. It was really pretty. The big trees didn't have lights on them which was sad but understandable.Matt and I in front of the Salt Lake Temple

From left to right Ryan, Sarah, Mels, Richard, Me, Matt
The picture Lauren always takes
Sarah and I. :-)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas is here

Well this morning one of my lovely roommates decided to blast Christmas music. The song I woke up to was Jon Schmidt Christmas Medley. I woke up thinking I was at home. Then I realized I wasn't. Funny how I thought the CD with Jon Schmidt was Lauren. So I woke up thinking I was at home then realized I was still here. Then I called my Daddy and he didn't answer so I left him a message then in the middle of it he called me back. I told him that I was really really homesick and he said "well you're home will be there in two and a half weeks. I'm excited to see my Daddy again. :-) and Carmen and my Mom but mostly Daddy. Sorry... :-) Well today I get to see Ariel George and then work and go to a family Christmas party. woo.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For steph

Today I made Great-Grandma Cutchen's Red Velvet Cake.
So good.
I made a layer green for Christmas.
So good.
I didn't have a lot of food coloring though.
Hence the not really red or green.
Still tasted amazing
OH I also forgot vanilla
Still amazing though.
Happy Steph?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Something's different.

I GOT A PERM! I really like it. People say they don't like them at first but I love it. Lauren said she wants one but if she cut her hair like mine it'd be like this.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to play catch up

Well I have been threatened by Steph and Jessica now so I figured it'd be a good plan to do some blogging. I had planned to last night but instead I decided to go to FHE and play capture the flag.
Ok so last time I wrote I told you I went on a big group date. But I didn't tell you that on this date one of the guys tried to make the fire bigger by using bug spray. This guy was....Not the brightest lets say...So the first time it got bigger oooo ahhhh second time it kinda sorta caught the can on fire and this boy, not being one of the smarter people in the world threw the can into the woods. Now don't worry there were 6 eagle scout boys there, yes one was the one that threw the can into the woods so lets say there were 5 eagle scout boys there, after can thrower threw the can two of the guys tried to figure out what to do. Thankfully the can didn't explode in the woods and we could enjoy the rest of our night. That night we discovered that if you open Yoohoo's and put them in the fire they make way good hot chocolate. Mom you would enjoy it. :-) Before we went out and tried to kill ourselves in the woods we went to the nicklecade it was way awesome. I think I have some pictures from that.
My roommate Carrie counting her nickles
Playing the Awesome DDR wannabe hand game
Carrie and one of our EXTREMELY friendly dates
So that was that date...Kinda awkward but whatever if I had been in a happy mood I would have enjoyed it.

So right after I got home from Oregon I decided it was time to go to Idaho and visit Garret and Lauren. I kinda forgot about Alex until I was there. So Sunday I left around 4 and got there about 8:30. It was an easy drive I think it was harder to do during the day because I could see that there was NOTHING around me whereas at night I could pretend there might be something :-). So I got to Idaho and went to Lauren's apartment. As soon as i got there we left to go Stadium Singing. It was way way fun. I for sure loved it. First we sang with the spanish group (by sang I mean we watermelloned) and then we joined the english speakers. It was way fun to just hang out with Lor and sing. That night when we came back she got out her guitar and we sang and sang and sang until her FHE dad came over to say hi. So when we left we just talked and it was so great to hang out with her again. I love Lauren. So Sunday ended and we went to bed because we had class at 1015 the next morning. So we woke up showered blah blah blah went to class (I got to wear my scarves oh my gosh it was amazing) so we went to Family History. I thought it would be way way lame but oh my gosh the teacher was way cool I actually learned some stuff. Then we went to my favorite class, CHOIR. And there was when I saw Alex. So we sang and then choir was over so Lauren and I were walking home and she lives by a Little Ceaser and so not a good combo we smelled the pizza and were drawn there. We got a pizza and walked the rest of the way home, across the parking lot, and enjoyed our yummmmmmmy meal. Around 2 Alex called me and said to meet him at some building I suggested he meet us at Lauren's apartment. So he came over. We hung out until Lauren had to go to choir. So we walked Lauren to class then I enjoyed a nice tour of campus. After our tour Garret was almost out of class so we went over to meet him. We then went to DI to find Alex and ugly sweater he didn't like any of them so then we went to wal mart to get cash back for the haunted mill. After Wal Mart we got some grub and then Garret didn't want to come with us to the Haunted Mill because he's easily persuaded by his friend that was there and so we parted ways. Alex and I went back to Lauren's for like 10 minutes before we left for the scariest thing EVER! After Alex went home and Garret came over we just talked from like 9 till 12. The next day I hung out with Garret like allllllll day. Becides when he went to class. So we hung out pretty much from like 11-12 (midnight) minus a couple hours. That was fun. The next day I drove home at one. Cleaned for the clean check and do something else...I don't remember what though...
Alex being the statue
My favorite Ugly Sweater
Now I'm hungry
Bendites Unite!
This is the guy I was attached to in the Haunted Mill no attraction in any way.
Garret :-) yay!
Other than this trip nothing too exciting has happened. Halloween came and went. I wore the Jungle girl to the stake party and Belle to work. At work it was so cute because a little girl wanted a picture with me it was adorable. I loved it.
Me with Mels and Aubrey at the dance
After the Party at the Stake Center
Dahlia and Me Halloween after we got our nails done
All my lovely roommates. I love them

I don't know what else I should write. So if you remember something important that happened that I should post let me know. :-)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh even more

My bed just broke again

In addition

To add to all this
Last night I was talking to someone after and we were talking about how once people know everything about me they don't like me anymore...well if they did romantically before they stop after they know everything. ugh. stupid life.


So I feel really out of place again. Like I guess I was getting used to it. But after going home to Jessica, Kimi, Becca and Tyler I remember what it's like to fit in. I was thinking of how stupid I am for living here when I could be in Bend. In Bend I could be getting paid WAY more...ok only a dollar but still that's a lot. Plus in Bend I could live at home. I know I moved away from home but whatever I miss my Dad and well lets face it Carmen needs someone to get her back in line. We'll see how things are in April when I'm done with my contract but right now I totally want to move home and maybe not come back. Well if I get into BYU which I HIGHLY doubt then I'll come back but otherwise I'll just go to an Oregon school with Jess and Kimi.
Last night I went on this big group date. It was really fun don't get me wrong but I just didn't enjoy it. I felt like I was kinda on the outside which I wasn't. And if I was my roommates weren't trying to exclude me. I was doing it. I just felt very on the outside so my body language showed it too. The guys were fun and nice and if I had been in a happy guy getting mood maybe I would have liked it more but every laugh felt fake and so did every smile.
I know my roommates love me but I just don't feel it. I don't want them to do anything crazy like a "We Love Adrienne" night I don't know I just feel so on the outside. They're all really good people and well...I'm not. I just haven't been able to bond with them. Even Cassie has. ugh. I'm just too antisocial I guess. Whatever I should just not worry about it and if we aren't super close by the end of the year then so be it. Life goes on.
In other news. I don't like Matt from work anymore. I saw him today for the first time in like a month...well less than that but anyway there was nothin there. so yay i guess

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well I haven't really written lately. So lets start with Friday.
Friday I worked at Kara's. I really like that place. Yeah it's pretty slow on occasion but still it's pretty great. I get to bag candy and make chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels. so so far so good. After work I went and got the oil changed. All by myself because my sister is a bad sister and Sarah was at school or something with church. Well after that I came home showered and got ready for my date with Matt. It was tons of fun. We went to Boondocks in Draper. It was only five bucks to do everything. We started out in the arcade with our ten tokens each and won 45 tickets. oh yeah. Actually I think we only won 41 because I did find 4 in a machine. :-) So after that we did Go Karts. He hit me or I hit him one of the two. So then I managed like two more laps then Melissa's date, Richard, hit me and sent me spinning again. It was fun though. I've never actually been hit before while driving. So after Go Karts we did Bumper Boats where I was totally and completely drenched. So after that we decided to do some laser tag. We totally kicked butt. By the time we were done laser tagging the place was closed we went and got some bouncy balls with our tickets. Then the whole group hung out outside and took some pictures. Overall it was pretty much the best date I've ever gone on. So we drove back I dropped of Aubrey because she was falling asleep in the backseat and then I took Matt home. With my goodnight hug I went back home and called Kimi because she wouldn't stop asking about the date. :-) So everyone thinks it went well but I haven't heard from him since then so maybe it didn't go as well as we thought. Maybe I'm just a scary person or something.
Half the group after Bumper Boats. Notice we are not dry
Me and Matt Prina
Laser TagCassie, my amazing roomie, and me

Waiting for Bumper Boats

So Saturday was really lame I just worked all day. I bought Johnathan and ____, another girl at work I just forgot her name, lunch. It was yummy. Cafe Rio. So after work Lauren and I went to get some ice cream, nasty I know. So we got ice cream returned her clothes and then we went home. Lauren didn't take a Lactaide first. On the way home La and I had a wonderful heart to heart...I wish it never happened but oh well. So I went home after that fun.
Sunday Mom came. Woohoo...So she got here between Sunday School and Relief Society. Thankfully she got there then because I was having the WORST cramps ever. Actually I've had worse but these were pretty bad. So she gave me some Ibuprofen or fruit of the Gods. So Mom was there and then we went back to my apartment and I pretty much died. Oh we got Sarah first then came back. So Sarah hung here for a bit then walked home so she could read. What a geek. :-) So we had dinner at my apartment with Bren and Dahlia and one of the guys Bren works with. He was a weirdo...
Monday was freakin lame I worked at Cold Stone for 3 hours. I hated Monday
Tuesday wasn't too bad I did Kara work. It was fun. I didn't do anything other than that. Tuesday night freakin sucked butt though. I cried a lot. Cassie thought she had done something wrong.
Today WAS EXTREMELY BORING!!!! I sat around at home most of the day. It was horrible. I hated it I hated not working. It was hell pretty much.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My week at a glance

Alright so this week has been pretty uneventful for the most part. Well not really it's been really exciting.
First on Monday I got contacts. woohoo. I go in again next Monday to get different ones and until I pick ones I want. I worked 10.30-5 Monday night I asked Matt out on a date. All my roommates are going to Boondocks in Draper tomorrow and we're all getting dates so I thought I would ask Matt since I know like no guys in Provo.
Tuesday I hung out with someone I haven't seen in a few years and that was amazing. It was so fun. We went shopping haha. Grocery shopping not clothes. So we hung out and talked and it was so fun. I seriously missed her! Pictures to come next time we hang out. I hope. I worked 9.45-4 Oh and I got paid. haha
Wednesday was my first day at the chocolate shop from 10-2. It was so fun. And so so yummy. I love that job. Like it's really really slow but at least I'll have some time to get used to it before Christmas and stuff. I was talking to Matt on facebook and he told me he could come tomorrow. So that was exciting. I wasn't going to be the only one without a date. haha
Today I worked at Cold Stone with Scoty from 12-7 That was fun. At least I wasn't working alone. It's always fun when I'm not alone. Or when I'm with people that are entertaining. Well that's about all. Tomorrow is the big day at Boondocks and my second day at Kara's so I'm excited. Tomorrow when I get off work is packed. I have to get my oil changed at five then i have to work out at six then i have to be clean and smell good by eight. that's an hour between working out and date time. AH i just realized I have like half an hour between date time and working out. Gah i'm going to have to convince lauren to ditch zumba early. I have to shower and do my hair and ah i'm nervous now. stupid boys make you nervous.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dentists Quarters and Disney Pennies

So I found a Disney Penny at work the other day and I really like it. :-)
Haha it's hard to talk about a person as if they are an object. Usually Sarah and I just stick to I found a quarter oh he's hot. :-) In case y'all were wondering the whole quarter thing came up when we walked into Wal Mart and Sarah said "I bet you a quarter we find a cute guy in here" So I ended up giving her a quarter and in the end we just stopped giving quarters we just said "I found a quarter" So you know no one really knows. :-)
So this guy at work. He's cute and fun and so far a good friend. Of course I've only worked with him for three days but ya know? haha
In other news I went to the dentist and I have two cavities and the highly suggest braces. For the front few teeth. The Chagoyen teeth, the one that's behind all the other teeth. Stupid Cubans and their teeth :-) Just kidding I love you mom :-)
Well i still have to shower before I go to work so I will continue later.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Money Money :-)

So Sarah and I have a rating system for boys. I know you may think it's shallow or whatever but it is great because guys don't know. We say "I found a quarter" and they don't even know we're talking about them. :-)
Penny-Ugly the lowest, those guys with piercings or tattoos.
Nickle- The ok guys but shorter than Sarah and me.
Dime- REALLY guys that are shorter than us.
Quarter- Cute cute cute guys
Disney Penny- REALLY cute premi's
Twenty Dollar Bill- The amazing guys :-)

Nothing new really

Well life hasn't changed much. I just finished my 30+ hour work week which isn't too much to complain about but when you go from 8 to 30 it seems like a lot.
Lauren got me to join a gym finally. That should be tons of fun. Actually so far I only like one of the classes we've gone to...which is out of two but still. I have been sore since we started. Yogalates really kills you and Power Pump...I just don't find it fun. Tonight we plan to go to the movie room and watch a movie while we bike or Lauren runs. But Sarah and I are biking.
What else...uh I should hear back tomorrow about Kara Chocolates. :-)
There's a cute guy at work and he and his friend that also works there invited me over to play Croquet but of course sometime came up so we couldn't. But I hope another day. I enjoy working with them. They're a lot of fun. :-)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ice Cream-the root of all evil.

So tomorrows job interview will have to be postponed. This is where I would have worked

I just got this weeks schedule...and I don't like it one bit.
So I'll start with Monday of this week I was scheduled to close the Provo store but a girl named Pheonix took my shift. Tuesday I worked 11-3. Today I worked 10-3. Tomorrow I work 11-5. Friday I work 11-3. Saturday I close the Provo with a shift from 7-1. Sunday OFF thankfully a day of rest. Monday 9:30-3. Tuesday 9:45-4. I HATE MY LIFE. I said I wanted to work a lot of hours but I also like days off. Why can't I just work eight hour days and have all weekend off. I don't like closing at all. It's pretty much horrible. Well not as bad as closing JoAnn's but still pretty bad. Ugh. No more...

Just another day

Alright so it is so great having Sarah here. I love having someone to hang out with. ESPECIALLY since Lauren is always doing classes and never hangs out with me. So far I've pretty much just taken Sarah shopping since she's been here but it's been fun. Her roommate is pretty much never home. And her roommate's sister didn't think to get an apartment before moving here so she doesn't have a place to sleep so I guess she is sleeping under Rachel's, Sarah's roommate, bed...I dont think it's allowed...but whatever. Tonight Sarah and I plan to see Sisterhood Two. I'm super duper excited. :-P
Last night I decided I would be a good roommate and make my roommates dinner for their first day of school. If I had been smart I would have made breakfast but oh well...I'm not that smart. So I made pasta and I guess it was good. I also brought home a half gallon of ice cream. It's Cake Batter and Marshmellow ice cream with Oreo's Brownies M and M's and Reeces. I think it was pretty dang good. The Ghea (That's the freezer that holds all the ice cream that you see) at Cold Stone is broken and the ice cream has been like freakin soup. It's been hard to keep solid. Some people complain but whatever.
I'm excited about the interview tomorrow. I want to quit JoAnn's I know it's a good job but seriously if they aren't going to schedule me with a lot of hours then I dont want to work for them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jessica told me to post

Well I'm posting something but it's late and I type loud and my roommate is asleep so I will explain what I say now in detail later.
I have a job interview at Kara's Chocolates in the mall thursday at four thirty
I made dinner for my roomies tonight
I also got them a ton of ice cream, it's mostly gone
I work BOTH jobs tomorrow open at one close at the other. evil melanie i told her not to schedule me
JoAnn's has a new computer system I haven't been trained on...maybe they want to fire me...
I feel sick right now and i'm going to bed
I wish I had a date all my roommates have gone on dates...ok only three of them but that's more than half!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Today I moved into my new apartment! I was so nervous but it's been good so far. I moved in and just kinda left my stuff until I have the time to put it all away. I love my apartment it's really great only sad thing is we dont have wireless. Which makes no freaking sense in apartments you should really have wireless. So I have to go buy an ethernet cable tomorrow.

I also went to FHE. It was a sports night in Draper at one of my roommates house. Her name is Lyndsey. So we went to Draper and I played a little basketball and stucked I believe I am worse than I used to be...which makes sense. I made a friend but...I dont remember her name...haha oh well that's what church is for. We also had some people that weren't really in our ward crash our FHE but oh well it was still fun.

OH! I also got a job at cold stone today. they just called and were like "when can you start" so that job starts soon :-) yay! i'm super duper excited. :-) Money Money. One of my roommates works early mornings and i work late at night. not good. oh and parking is like IMPOSSIBLE! IT really sucked finding a spot to park. stupid fall.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Packed Boxes

Empty Closet

Well Lauren said that she would come over and help me pack but by the time she got here I was mostly done packing. It's nice that I never really unpacked when I moved here it made it a lot faster than leaving Bend. Of course I only have less than half of my things here. Hopefully Kurt will come and help me move on Monday. If not I am so screwed. I can't carry these things alone they are awkward sizes.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Exciting Family News

So today I was woken up by a text message from Dahlia around 10:15 saying "Baby Bone is a boy!"Dahlia is due in January and we are so excited. Her siblings children are all boys too. Her brother's wives both had boys, one just had their son last weekend, and her sister had all boys. I think Dahlia was hoping for a girl but oh well she got a boy. At least now she can use all the baby clothes that she's been given from her siblings. Well we're all super excited and can't wait for the baby and it will be very interesting seeing the room I've lived in for the summer turned into a nursery. But oh well a new baby means babysitting and yay babies :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Blog

Well seems to me that having a blog is pretty popular. So I thought I'd get one and tell you all about how things are going here in Utah.
I move into my new apartment in less than a week. I am so excited. I'm excited to move in so I can meet people and have friends here. I'm so excited to have roommates. At first I wasn't so sure about it but after living here for two months and not making many friends other than my sister's married friends I'm excited to know people closer to my age and single. :-) I met a couple of my roommates and they seem to be pretty cool people. I'm sad Cari's moving out though she's a really nice person.
I'm still working at JoAnns but praying for another job because they don't give me very good hours. Then when I do get hours I end up sick and go home early. I don't really enjoy the job. They're bad employers I think. They're hiring more people now and they only give me like 16 hours a week and I gave them an open schedule.

My car is being a little weird. We took it to the shop and they said it's fine now but it doesn't sound fine. So I guess it's going to the doctor again. :-(

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of getting my wisdom teeth out. It really wasn't bad at all. I'm pretty sure the laughing gas didn't do anything. And it smelled kinda funny. But I didn't feel anything which is really good. :-) I am so lucky that my mom was in town when it happened because Lauren was absolutely zero help. The only thing she did is laugh at me when i drooled and didn't feel anything and when I puked in her sink she cleaned it like two seconds after i was done. I think she is just really nervous about getting hers out on Monday. But then it's my turn to make fun of her. What's most annoying about not having my wisdom teeth are the four holes in my mouth. Well only three one was stitched up. But I only have another week of that. :-)