Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just another day

Alright so it is so great having Sarah here. I love having someone to hang out with. ESPECIALLY since Lauren is always doing classes and never hangs out with me. So far I've pretty much just taken Sarah shopping since she's been here but it's been fun. Her roommate is pretty much never home. And her roommate's sister didn't think to get an apartment before moving here so she doesn't have a place to sleep so I guess she is sleeping under Rachel's, Sarah's roommate, bed...I dont think it's allowed...but whatever. Tonight Sarah and I plan to see Sisterhood Two. I'm super duper excited. :-P
Last night I decided I would be a good roommate and make my roommates dinner for their first day of school. If I had been smart I would have made breakfast but oh well...I'm not that smart. So I made pasta and I guess it was good. I also brought home a half gallon of ice cream. It's Cake Batter and Marshmellow ice cream with Oreo's Brownies M and M's and Reeces. I think it was pretty dang good. The Ghea (That's the freezer that holds all the ice cream that you see) at Cold Stone is broken and the ice cream has been like freakin soup. It's been hard to keep solid. Some people complain but whatever.
I'm excited about the interview tomorrow. I want to quit JoAnn's I know it's a good job but seriously if they aren't going to schedule me with a lot of hours then I dont want to work for them.

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