Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nothing new really

Well life hasn't changed much. I just finished my 30+ hour work week which isn't too much to complain about but when you go from 8 to 30 it seems like a lot.
Lauren got me to join a gym finally. That should be tons of fun. Actually so far I only like one of the classes we've gone to...which is out of two but still. I have been sore since we started. Yogalates really kills you and Power Pump...I just don't find it fun. Tonight we plan to go to the movie room and watch a movie while we bike or Lauren runs. But Sarah and I are biking.
What else...uh I should hear back tomorrow about Kara Chocolates. :-)
There's a cute guy at work and he and his friend that also works there invited me over to play Croquet but of course sometime came up so we couldn't. But I hope another day. I enjoy working with them. They're a lot of fun. :-)

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