Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well I haven't really written lately. So lets start with Friday.
Friday I worked at Kara's. I really like that place. Yeah it's pretty slow on occasion but still it's pretty great. I get to bag candy and make chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels. so so far so good. After work I went and got the oil changed. All by myself because my sister is a bad sister and Sarah was at school or something with church. Well after that I came home showered and got ready for my date with Matt. It was tons of fun. We went to Boondocks in Draper. It was only five bucks to do everything. We started out in the arcade with our ten tokens each and won 45 tickets. oh yeah. Actually I think we only won 41 because I did find 4 in a machine. :-) So after that we did Go Karts. He hit me or I hit him one of the two. So then I managed like two more laps then Melissa's date, Richard, hit me and sent me spinning again. It was fun though. I've never actually been hit before while driving. So after Go Karts we did Bumper Boats where I was totally and completely drenched. So after that we decided to do some laser tag. We totally kicked butt. By the time we were done laser tagging the place was closed we went and got some bouncy balls with our tickets. Then the whole group hung out outside and took some pictures. Overall it was pretty much the best date I've ever gone on. So we drove back I dropped of Aubrey because she was falling asleep in the backseat and then I took Matt home. With my goodnight hug I went back home and called Kimi because she wouldn't stop asking about the date. :-) So everyone thinks it went well but I haven't heard from him since then so maybe it didn't go as well as we thought. Maybe I'm just a scary person or something.
Half the group after Bumper Boats. Notice we are not dry
Me and Matt Prina
Laser TagCassie, my amazing roomie, and me

Waiting for Bumper Boats

So Saturday was really lame I just worked all day. I bought Johnathan and ____, another girl at work I just forgot her name, lunch. It was yummy. Cafe Rio. So after work Lauren and I went to get some ice cream, nasty I know. So we got ice cream returned her clothes and then we went home. Lauren didn't take a Lactaide first. On the way home La and I had a wonderful heart to heart...I wish it never happened but oh well. So I went home after that fun.
Sunday Mom came. Woohoo...So she got here between Sunday School and Relief Society. Thankfully she got there then because I was having the WORST cramps ever. Actually I've had worse but these were pretty bad. So she gave me some Ibuprofen or fruit of the Gods. So Mom was there and then we went back to my apartment and I pretty much died. Oh we got Sarah first then came back. So Sarah hung here for a bit then walked home so she could read. What a geek. :-) So we had dinner at my apartment with Bren and Dahlia and one of the guys Bren works with. He was a weirdo...
Monday was freakin lame I worked at Cold Stone for 3 hours. I hated Monday
Tuesday wasn't too bad I did Kara work. It was fun. I didn't do anything other than that. Tuesday night freakin sucked butt though. I cried a lot. Cassie thought she had done something wrong.
Today WAS EXTREMELY BORING!!!! I sat around at home most of the day. It was horrible. I hated it I hated not working. It was hell pretty much.

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