Sunday, April 28, 2013

New and Exciting!

Basically since I was 11 I have wanted a dog. I probably wanted one when I was even younger but I remember wanting one at 11 and my parents refusing to get me on. Well my mom refusing and my dad sticking by her side and refusing but secretly wanting one. So a week ago Ali and I got a puppy. He is freaking adorable, incredibly smart and loving. (the puppy not Ali, although he is adorable and smart... the loving part he's still working on)

I basically started convincing Ali we were getting a puppy back in December when we started dating. He has two cats, Zazzles and Loki, and always said we would never get a dog. One day he accidentally told me that we could get a dog if we could train them to hunt. So I started looking up dogs. After this slip up he also said we could go on a date to the Humane Society. Yessss So I start looking at dogs at the Humane Society, North Valley and South Valley Animal Shelters. We found a Blue Heeler at the South Valley animal shelter we wanted to check out. So we start our date off at North Valley to see if there was anyone there we liked there was a really well behaved German Shepard but we knew we were getting a medium sized dog for the apartment. So we go to South Valley, there are a couple hounds and then our heeler. We play with them and see which we like the most and decide on the Heeler. We go to the front and talk to the woman at the desk. Told her which we wanted and she said "Well the adoptions ended at 5 so you'll have to come back tomorrow but you can fill out the paper now." Ali jokingly says "quick Adrienne go turn the clock back 5 minutes so it's before 5 again." Yes it was only 5:05... Rude lady. She said "nope if I stay here past 6 then my boss will get mad at me." So we kinda laugh it off and we start filling out the paperwork and then we finish. She's looking over it and was just rude about everything. "So who is getting the puppy." Adrienne "But the puppy isn't living at her address?  The puppy needs to live at the owners address" Ali said "well lets write my information there and she'll just pay for it." So that's how that story goes. We leave the animal shelter without rescuing that dog. I was quite sad and Ali was mad about it too. That lady was really rude...

A couple days later we look into what the Provo company Puppies for Rent has to offer. They have a little Blue Heeler. (YAY) We decided we would rent him for an hour and see how he does with the cats. He did great. They weren't instafriends but they could stand being around each other. The guy came to pick him up and we said we wanted to buy him. He told us we wouldn't be able to get him until the next week because he already had appointments booked. Although I understood I was still a little annoyed someone else was going to love my puppy. So a few days later (Saturday) I emailed them and asked if we would be able to get him Sunday since Ali was leaving for the week and he wanted to be around and let the puppy learn to love him. Sunday around 1 we got our pup. Seriously the happiest moment of my life! When we got him he instantly loved us and licked my face (yuck but yay) Now the sad part was they were feeding him yucky food and he had the runs the first night we had him. Then we started giving him better food and his stools got a lot more solid.

Now having a puppy is not as wonderful as I thought... Don't get me wrong I LOVE having him and I love him but dang he is some work!
I have to take him out when he wants to go out...even if it's at 3 am (thankfully that was only one night)
I have to clean up his messes. (thankfully no poop inside the house)
I come home on my lunch break to take him outside
Kennel training is really sad. I just hate hearing him cry
Puppies are biters and dang do their nails hurt!
He eats anything he can reach. It's like having a moving vacuum but it's scary (today he ate a toothpick....that's gonna hurt coming out)

Things I love about him
He has an adorable face
He's already bell trained...mostly
He knows how to sit
He's great on the leash
He's good with Clay and long as they aren't crazy running around
He is a great cuddler
He makes hiking more fun

I just love my little boy and I'm so glad I convinced Ali to let me get a puppy.

This is the first day we rented him
I just love his dark headband and dark ears

Zazzles was touching him with her paw as he was sleeping...Then he moved and she FREAKED
The two cutest boys I know
At the top with Ali