Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crazy Wonderful

Life has been so busy! I'll try not leave anything out but a lot has happened over the past week.
First of all Dad and Carmen got here on Sunday. It was fun Carmen and I got to spend some time together that night but not long because I had ward prayer at 9 and that lasted until 11. But we got to spend a little bit of time together. We watched TV until like 2 AM and just talked. Monday she got to go to EFY. I skipped Math that morning because I didn't really want to go and we're doing easy stuff and I wanted more time with Dad and Carmen. So Dad started working on my computer around 10:30 that morning. Carmen left for EFY around noon. I went to class around noon. So Carmen was off to EFY and Dad stayed at my apartment most of the day. He worked on my computer for so long. Dahlia and I went grocery shopping that night it was fun to get what food we wanted because we knew Dad wanted it too so we could actually get it :-) I got tons of Gluten Free foods. From what I've had so far gluten free isn't too bad tasting....So then I went to FHE that night around 7. It was a service project for a few single older people in my bishop and Brother Neild's wards. I got to pick weeds. It reminded me a bit of the good old days when mom had a garden. Good old days yeah right. I got bit about a millions times by mosquitoes. I wish I had taken a picture of them. One night this week I measured mine compared to my neighbor's bruise...My bite was 3.25 inches Alysa's was 3 inches. So that was Monday
Tuesday....I actually went to Math...I think...I don't remember what happened. I guess nothing exciting happened...
Wednesday. Also a blur. I didn't go to Math this day for sure. I went to Anthro and Gov and then worked 5-9 I went to pick up mom from the airport at midnight. It was super exciting. I was so extremely tired.
Thursday I skipped Math. Hung out with Mom and Amanda and Dad. I really don't remember anything exciting that day either...
Friday was such a crazy day! Thankfully I had no school. So I didn't have to skip that day :-) In the morning about 11 we got together to do stuff. Mom fixed my dress for Eliza's wedding. We Got our hair cut. Thanks Jordan! Then we got ready for the wedding. It was beautiful. The yard the wedding took place in was BEAUTIFUL! It was Eliza's Aunt's yard. Soooo nice. There were three bridesmaids. Me, Abby (a friend from washington) and her half sister. It was so cool. Eliza is adopted and her birthday parents found her! So she has 2.5 half brothers from her dad (they're all adorable) and 2 half sisters from her mom. So cool. But Eliza was a beautiful bride. After everything ended we went to dinner with Elder Richard Adams. Elder Adams served in Bend a while back and he lives in Salt Lake and this was actually my first time seeing him since I've gotten here.
Saturday. Oh my gosh I thought Friday was crazy Saturday beat it by a long shot. First I worked from 9-2 (I later found out I wasn't scheduled until 9:30) Then we had family lunch at 3. And we had family pictures around 4....which we were late for. Then we had a bbq at 5:30. We were outside of the boys apartments so we had a few people join our party. After the BBQ Neil, Carmen, Amanda and I headed for the Stadium of Fire. It was super fun. A good concert and Megan was really close to us. After Stadium we went to bed.
Sunday we went to church. After church we had dinner at Brendan's. It was delicious. Kurt even showed up for a bit to say hi to my family.
Bottom line I've had a crazy week and I feel like I'm forgetting things every day.... It's so busy.

More fireworks


We were super excited to watch the JoBros

Jonas Brothers

Left to Right Neil Jordan Me Cory

Jordan and I at the BBQ

Just so everyone knows...I caught that bouquet

Dad and I at the wedding

Clay likes La's Sunglasses