Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another one down.

Well...The MTC has eaten another one of my friends. Jeremy goes in tomorrow and it's so weird.
Now is the part where I tell you about my friendship with Jeremy and you skim over then just look at the pictures.
Jeremy and I met December 2008 I was on a group date with Kennedy (my friend from work) and some of her friends. My date happened to be Richard someone I worked with at Cold Stone...made it a little weird. Plus I was already 18 so I was like...this is a super awkward experience. So we were on this group date where we played games and sardines and went caroling. It ended up being fun because he was super funny and we just kinda clicked. So after this date I didn't talk to him much because he was still in high school so that woulda been weird...almost a year later Kennedy brings him on a group date and once again we click and it's just awesome and fun and funny and then we actually keep talking this time. So we just started hanging out every once in a while we watched some high school musical movies and 17 again :-) good times. I went to his farewell on Sunday and he gave a wonderful talk and now he leaves tomorrow. :-( Not too excited about that one. But at least I can write him!
He's going to be such an awesome missionary!!
Pirate Island with Kennedy Megan and Jeremy

Corn Maze

Coolest group at the maze for sure

Lunch with Jeremy at Wingers

Our goodbye :-(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So for Valentines Day this year I had no Valentine...Surprise. BUT I did get to celebrate.
Saturday work was CRAZY busy but there was a dance Saturday night at my stake Center and it was AWESOME. and I hate dances... But I enjoyed it.
Sunday I decorated Brendan's apartment to surprise Dahlia. I think we did a pretty good job but you can be the judge
Monday I got to hang out with Kennedy (she's been off at college BYU-I) But we went to breakfast and it was pretty exciting. i miss KD :-)

The table

The cups

Me Melissa and Carrie after decorating

The bedroom...the mug is full of chocolates

Megan and I waiting for the dance to begin

Eatin dinner.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Goodbye Elder Farrer!

Another one of my friends is leaving for his mission. He goes in tomorrow. He came by today where I received and nice....handshake. Ha oh well he's already set apart we're not going to break the rules. But he is going to be an awesome missionary. He's a great friend and I'm going to miss him though!

This picture was extremely awkward to take. He was so extremely stiff and it was weird... ha but oh well BYE NICK!

Lets go fly a kite!!!

So today Megan and I decided to do something a little different when we hung out.... We didn't go see a movie. HAHAHA love it. Instead we went to lunch. CAFE RIO mmm. And I didn't get the pork salad I got coconut shrimp tacos they were actually super delicious. Then we went to the dollar tree. We walked up and down every aisle. We were searching for things for Garret. We got some sweet stuff but that's another blog. So we found some kites and Megan goes "if today is national kite flying day can we go fly a kite" I said "duh" So yesterday was kite flying day but we went and flew kites anyway. Now you should know it's not even windy haha So I'm thinking wow this will be just awesome. and it was it was just not windy at all. So we get some gelato from that Terra Mia place...so good. Then we were like "it's warm lets go to a park" So we get of the car with our gelato and it was too cold so we ate in the car then we got out and we found the perfect kite flying place and went at it. it was extremely awesome. They didn't stay up but it was super
Eatin and walking

My gelato was green...pistachio so I had a green tongue


Yeah check out my sweet kite


Yesh I got the pink one. surprised?

We love these


These gliders are just about the COOLEST thing ever.
Megan doing her round off...FYI i'm trying to sound like a man.

Roughin it!

So bonfires have been a big thing lately! I went to the giant one. We had one for FHE. And then we had an unofficial ward one. Loved it. Ok fires kinda scare me but it's been ok. At the FHE one I actually roasted my own marshmallow. Something I have never ever done. Awesome right? Be proud of me.

Brian, one of my sons and his perfect marshmallow

My happy family.

Putting out the fire

The ward bonfire. It was really hard to roast because we had short sticks and the fire was more in the center of the fire....wow awesome sentence. BUT one of my sons Jason roasted mine for me. It was hot on his face so he turned his body around. We just thought it looked super funny.
In other news...My roommates are men. Not really but they really enjoy fighting. Ang is in a self defense class so we often get to see how to protect ourselves. Yesterday we learned what to do if someone is making out with you and trying to push you further and you don't want it to go further... awesome. We also learned how to break free when someone is holding you from behind. Laura's statement "Now I want to get attacked so I can use this"...smart Laura.
It may look like Melissa is being attacked but she was picking on everyone else before
Sucks for you.

Dead weight

I really just love this picture.

Melissa rocking Carrie to sleep...Melissa's a creep.

Yeah. They are weridos

And save the best for last. We were invited to a Relief Society dessert night. LOVED it. It was quite amazing.
The whole table looked delightful. Fondu CookieBrownie things, Cake cookies, Pumpkin cookies, Brownies AND Ice cream cake.

Chocolate Fondu with all this yummy stuff

Laura (my roommate) was a little excited

I just want everyone to blow up this picture and look at Melissa's face she just looks so sad and lonely. LOVE HER

Happy Birthday Melissa Kaye!

Well Melissa had her birthday a little bit ago. (ok like a week ago so just pretend this blog happened on her birthday)
So Melissa's birthday was super fun. We went to Red Robin for dinner. yum. My favorite place. It always reminds me of Bend when I go there. Lauren and I went there like EVERYDAY before she moved to Provo. No joke. Then when I moved to Provo we went a lot. But then we discovered other Provo restaurants we love. We are total creatures of habit...
BUT about Melissa

Melissa is TWENTY ONE!!! So old. :-) Kidding. I love Mels. I moved in with her August 2008. My first year living out of the house. She was the Relief Society President. Kinda intimidating. She's pretty perfect. She's someone to look up to. She is so active in church and when she was RSP she went above and beyond in her calling. She made everyone feel loved and like someone was excited they were there. She is now my room roommate which we were a lot apprehensive about but it's turned out to be fine....Melissa is super clean...and I'm not. But I've been decent since she's lived in here. She is still such a great role model. My parents love her the most out of all my friends/roommates. I LOVE YOU MELISSA!!!!!!
So when Ang and I were shopping for Melissa's presents we came across something extra funny.

CHICKEN CUTLETS! Woo! I don't know how long this picture will be allowed to be on here to enjoy it now! This is just a joke because I always make fun of melissa and her 12 year old boy boobs.

205 from last year. Melissa Carrie Me and Cassie

Mary and Ang 2 of my roommates now LOVE THEM

"You're pretty much the same person in two bodies"

It took us 3 tries to get this down. First one she did a funny face second time I did third times a charm!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So Carrie moved in again last week and we finally decided to go take roommate pictures. We went up to where I too Jourdan and Payne's engagements by the train...So the train is up the canyon...it was warmish in Provo but up the canyon is was FREEZING and there was tons of snow. Like up to our knees it was intense. So we got our friend Matt to take the pictures for us. We thought it would probably be a little awkward with Matt doing it for us but whatever it got done. :-) Here are some of my favorites.

Matt Our Photographer

I also went to a giant bonfire... Imagine this... 100 Christmas trees Pallets 2 mattresses 1 couch. All being burned the fire was giant. I think it was bigger than my room. But it was awesome. And there were like 50 or more cars full of people. It was a wonderful night.