Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Melissa Kaye!

Well Melissa had her birthday a little bit ago. (ok like a week ago so just pretend this blog happened on her birthday)
So Melissa's birthday was super fun. We went to Red Robin for dinner. yum. My favorite place. It always reminds me of Bend when I go there. Lauren and I went there like EVERYDAY before she moved to Provo. No joke. Then when I moved to Provo we went a lot. But then we discovered other Provo restaurants we love. We are total creatures of habit...
BUT about Melissa

Melissa is TWENTY ONE!!! So old. :-) Kidding. I love Mels. I moved in with her August 2008. My first year living out of the house. She was the Relief Society President. Kinda intimidating. She's pretty perfect. She's someone to look up to. She is so active in church and when she was RSP she went above and beyond in her calling. She made everyone feel loved and like someone was excited they were there. She is now my room roommate which we were a lot apprehensive about but it's turned out to be fine....Melissa is super clean...and I'm not. But I've been decent since she's lived in here. She is still such a great role model. My parents love her the most out of all my friends/roommates. I LOVE YOU MELISSA!!!!!!
So when Ang and I were shopping for Melissa's presents we came across something extra funny.

CHICKEN CUTLETS! Woo! I don't know how long this picture will be allowed to be on here to enjoy it now! This is just a joke because I always make fun of melissa and her 12 year old boy boobs.

205 from last year. Melissa Carrie Me and Cassie

Mary and Ang 2 of my roommates now LOVE THEM

"You're pretty much the same person in two bodies"

It took us 3 tries to get this down. First one she did a funny face second time I did third times a charm!



Lauren said...

What a thoughtful present!

Adrienne said...

Oh don't worry we got her more than that. Haha I forgot to mention that part.

Melissa said...

Also need these pictures. I can't believe you put up that picture. So embaressed. I love you tons and tons and you are too sweet to me!!!