Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lets go fly a kite!!!

So today Megan and I decided to do something a little different when we hung out.... We didn't go see a movie. HAHAHA love it. Instead we went to lunch. CAFE RIO mmm. And I didn't get the pork salad I got coconut shrimp tacos they were actually super delicious. Then we went to the dollar tree. We walked up and down every aisle. We were searching for things for Garret. We got some sweet stuff but that's another blog. So we found some kites and Megan goes "if today is national kite flying day can we go fly a kite" I said "duh" So yesterday was kite flying day but we went and flew kites anyway. Now you should know it's not even windy haha So I'm thinking wow this will be just awesome. and it was it was just not windy at all. So we get some gelato from that Terra Mia place...so good. Then we were like "it's warm lets go to a park" So we get of the car with our gelato and it was too cold so we ate in the car then we got out and we found the perfect kite flying place and went at it. it was extremely awesome. They didn't stay up but it was super
Eatin and walking

My gelato was green...pistachio so I had a green tongue


Yeah check out my sweet kite


Yesh I got the pink one. surprised?

We love these


These gliders are just about the COOLEST thing ever.
Megan doing her round off...FYI i'm trying to sound like a man.

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Melissa said...

I want to go fly kites!!!