Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So Carrie moved in again last week and we finally decided to go take roommate pictures. We went up to where I too Jourdan and Payne's engagements by the train...So the train is up the canyon...it was warmish in Provo but up the canyon is was FREEZING and there was tons of snow. Like up to our knees it was intense. So we got our friend Matt to take the pictures for us. We thought it would probably be a little awkward with Matt doing it for us but whatever it got done. :-) Here are some of my favorites.

Matt Our Photographer

I also went to a giant bonfire... Imagine this... 100 Christmas trees Pallets 2 mattresses 1 couch. All being burned the fire was giant. I think it was bigger than my room. But it was awesome. And there were like 50 or more cars full of people. It was a wonderful night.

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