Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another one down.

Well...The MTC has eaten another one of my friends. Jeremy goes in tomorrow and it's so weird.
Now is the part where I tell you about my friendship with Jeremy and you skim over then just look at the pictures.
Jeremy and I met December 2008 I was on a group date with Kennedy (my friend from work) and some of her friends. My date happened to be Richard someone I worked with at Cold Stone...made it a little weird. Plus I was already 18 so I was like...this is a super awkward experience. So we were on this group date where we played games and sardines and went caroling. It ended up being fun because he was super funny and we just kinda clicked. So after this date I didn't talk to him much because he was still in high school so that woulda been weird...almost a year later Kennedy brings him on a group date and once again we click and it's just awesome and fun and funny and then we actually keep talking this time. So we just started hanging out every once in a while we watched some high school musical movies and 17 again :-) good times. I went to his farewell on Sunday and he gave a wonderful talk and now he leaves tomorrow. :-( Not too excited about that one. But at least I can write him!
He's going to be such an awesome missionary!!
Pirate Island with Kennedy Megan and Jeremy

Corn Maze

Coolest group at the maze for sure

Lunch with Jeremy at Wingers

Our goodbye :-(

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