Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roughin it!

So bonfires have been a big thing lately! I went to the giant one. We had one for FHE. And then we had an unofficial ward one. Loved it. Ok fires kinda scare me but it's been ok. At the FHE one I actually roasted my own marshmallow. Something I have never ever done. Awesome right? Be proud of me.

Brian, one of my sons and his perfect marshmallow

My happy family.

Putting out the fire

The ward bonfire. It was really hard to roast because we had short sticks and the fire was more in the center of the fire....wow awesome sentence. BUT one of my sons Jason roasted mine for me. It was hot on his face so he turned his body around. We just thought it looked super funny.
In other news...My roommates are men. Not really but they really enjoy fighting. Ang is in a self defense class so we often get to see how to protect ourselves. Yesterday we learned what to do if someone is making out with you and trying to push you further and you don't want it to go further... awesome. We also learned how to break free when someone is holding you from behind. Laura's statement "Now I want to get attacked so I can use this"...smart Laura.
It may look like Melissa is being attacked but she was picking on everyone else before
Sucks for you.

Dead weight

I really just love this picture.

Melissa rocking Carrie to sleep...Melissa's a creep.

Yeah. They are weridos

And save the best for last. We were invited to a Relief Society dessert night. LOVED it. It was quite amazing.
The whole table looked delightful. Fondu CookieBrownie things, Cake cookies, Pumpkin cookies, Brownies AND Ice cream cake.

Chocolate Fondu with all this yummy stuff

Laura (my roommate) was a little excited

I just want everyone to blow up this picture and look at Melissa's face she just looks so sad and lonely. LOVE HER

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Melissa said...

Fun fun times. I need these pictures.