Saturday, May 11, 2013

You're the Best

Some things I love about you
-You're patient
-You're kind
-You love everyone
-You are accepting of everyone even with their faults
-You never age (seriously you still look like you're my age)
-You want to be healthy
-You share your love of the gospel with everyone around you
-Your strength
-Your humility
-Your beauty
-Your intelligence
-Your ability to give and never ask for anything in return
-Your sincerity
-Your values
-Your honesty (even though I didn't know you kissed anyone before dad until I was 19)
-Your sense of humor (to the right and the left)
-Your judgmental way of clearing your throat
-The way you sneeze *seeeeechew!*
-Your love of fro-yo
-Your grammar skills (try not to judge this too much)
-You'll stay up late into the night to review a paper for a silly class
Most of all I love that you still love me even though I've been a horrible daughter

Dear Mom, 
You are such an inspiration to me. Over the last 23 years all I've ever seen is good come from you. You constantly try to please everyone and never take even a second to think about yourself. I can't imagine how tired you are constantly. You are so giving to anyone that needs it. I have so many great memories with you and I look forward to an eternity more. 
I can only imagine how hard it was for you when dad was traveling constantly. You had to take care of 4 children during the week and barely got any time alone with your husband on the weekends. Even before cell phones you managed to stay connected to your husband while he was on the road. I remember you locking yourself in your bathroom with us knocking on the door wanting you, wanting to talk to dad, wanting to use the phone and most of all I remember passing notes to you under the door. When dad was home I have one memory in particular that sticks out in my mind of you displaying love for each other. You two were in your room listening to Santana (or I could have just added that to the memory) and you were dancing with dad. Every time I think of that memory I hope one day I'll have that with my husband. I remember you and dad going on dates to the temple. You two were so strong in the church and such an example of what we could be one day. Thank you for that. Even when times weren't perfect with dad you still loved him and told me that no matter what you two were sealed together for eternity. You told me you made a promise to God that you would stay with him no matter what. When I was a stubborn, spoiled teen I was shocked you would stay with someone that was completely different than you'd married, someone you didn't sign up to be stuck with forever. Now I can see that you love dad no matter what he does and that he loves you even when he's stupid. The fact that you have stayed loyal to him through everything our family has gone through is one of the most heroic acts someone could do. You kept a family together through the many trials we have faced over the past 10 years. Even though things will never be exactly how they were before I'm grateful that I'll have you two as eternal parents, especially you as my mother. 
When we were kids you were constantly shuttling us around. We were going to piano, ballet, basketball, gymnastics, church activities, friends, you never had time to do anything for yourself. You made sure we were wherever we needed to be, on time and ready to go. I can only imagine how I took you for granted. Even with all of your motherly duties you were still in the primary presidency fulfilling that calling to the fullest. You would never skimp on a calling. You were such a strong example in church. You still are today! Back in Primary with crazy 5 year olds screaming and crying, yet you are so patient and kind to them. You are touching another generation of children with your amazing testimony. 
Watching you with my nephews makes me wonder what you were like with me. You are so in love with those little boys. You would do anything to make them happy. You care so deeply about them and their sweet spirits. I love how excited they get when they get to see you. Just mentioning "abuela" makes them so happy. I wish I could remember those years with you when I was so young. I bet you have some special memories of that. (even if you don't have pictures to prove it)
Is it sad that most of my great memories of you come after I moved out? Why couldn't I love you when I had you around all the time? Boy was I dumb. When I first came out here you were so worried for me.... well if we're being honest you're still worried about me. But I am fine. I have a great foundation you have given me. I am smart and capable of doing things for myself. I have loved learning who I am and figuring out what I want to be and having your love and support along the way. You are so supportive of me and the things I want to pursue. Going to Cuba this summer without you will be such a bummer but just think one day we'll go back with Lauren and Carmen and I can show you the things I did when I was there! I can't wait. I can't pick which vacation with you was my favorite. I love New York and seeing where you grew up, walking up and down the streets with you. Seeing HUGE bags of bagels being throwing out at the end of the night. Eating at some DISGUSTING restaurant I never want to go to again. Riding the subway for the first time...almost falling down on the subway because I had no idea how powerful they were... Miami with you and Lauren. BOTH of my best friends in one place. Holy fun. I swam with a dolphin. Yeah I freaking swam with a dolphin! We saw one of the biggest houses ever. The geckos (AH) the food, oh my gosh. The humidity (gah) Then Hawaii with you dad and Carmen, that was another fun adventure. Disneyland. There are so many fond memories. I just can't list them all.
Overall Mom, you are so wonderful and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you forever!

Love Always,