Thursday, March 26, 2015

My New Place

So I lived with my parents for like two minutes after my divorce and then I realized I didn't want to live with my parents as a 24 year old divorced girl so the day after I found out my divorce was finalized I went on KSL and started searching for a place to live. I found one here in Provo and I loved it immediately. The landlord is so funny and sweet and we instantly clicked. I saw that my roommate had a coffee maker so I knew I wouldn't be judged for all my issues. The next day I signed a contract and moved in.

I got a whole new bedset for my new place because I didn't really want to sleep on what Robert and I slept on (even though I have the bed that I had with Ali and Robert... Hey it's free) With my new bedset I had a great idea to paint a "headboard" on my wall. I started looking things up on pinterest to see what others had done when they didn't have a headboard. None of them were exactly what I was thinking but I got some interesting ideas. I decided to go with a color block idea but as a whole headboard.
This was my inspiration

Then I drew it up on my computer

Then I taped it off an started painting

Clay was beyond excited to be able to help me paint
I only had a couple heart attacks when he was painting

Eventually we finished....But something was missing

So Dahlia and I taped off a border around it and painted some more

This was the final product

Then I put my bed up against it and decided it looks amazing! 

What do you guys think? Awesome? Would you do it?