Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hair Color

As many of you know I colored my hair for the first time a couple months ago. It was terrifying but I ended up loving it. Now the roots have grown out and I'm trying to decide what to go with next...
I understand most of these are of Jennifer Aniston...but seriously she's the most beautiful person ever and she has great hair.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
This one I like the middle.
Picture 5

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ode to friends

The Twins and Liz

Rachel, Sarah and I were kinda thrown together... Basically her mom forced us to be friends. But it all turned out okay. We met before 6th grade in primary and we were best friends throughout Middle School and our days in the "diamond house." Then high school came and we grew apart because we went to different schools and we just liked different things. Then Sarah came here for school and we hung out quite often Freshman year. Then Sophomore year not so much. Now we're friends again and we try to hang out more than we used to because even though it's not as convenient to see each other it's always a fun special treat :-) And Rachel is only 4 hours away! It's nice that I have these girls as friends even after our 4 year lull... Which I take full blame for... I wasn't a very good person in high school and that's totally my fault...

Oh JHack...What is there to no love about Jessica? She's awesome. We met freshman year in 9th grade English. We weren't really close though until sophomore year. We had this super creeper student teacher that would hit on the 4 girls in that class. Oh what a creep...maybe he's the reason I don't like black people much... it is in my blood. haha. But JHack and I became really good friends and we had TONS of girl drama but we are still best friends and it's so nice that she's always just a text away. Love her!
Lauren and Mom
What isn't great about these two? They're like the dynamic duo! Mom is Wonder Woman and Lauren is Wonder Woman Jr... They're there to talk and listen to me complain about my life and they try to fix it. Even when I don't want them to fix it. Our trip to Miami was quite possibly the best trip of my life. We grew so much closer. Lauren me and Mom...good times together. It was so nice to be able to see the relaxed not so crazy side of mom... I really want to do that again... a relaxed mom is MUCH better than high strung crazy mom. Basically if you don't have a therapist that worked in Woman's Services as a sister your life is gonna suck! Lauren is so great she sees both sides AND she knows me so it's just awesome.
And finally....

My Daddy!

Have you ever met someone who has survived a car accident as bad as his? I doubt it. He is awesome and basically as super as my mom. Yes he has his faults and he can't run and play with us but he wishes he could and he will push himself to the limit to spend time with us. He tries to pretend he's fine just so he can do things with us (yeah he's bad at faking it) He calls me just to say I love you. He sends texts to say I love you (yeah my dad texts) He is such an amazing man. He tries everything he can to help our family and with all the things working against him I'd say that's quite amazing. He is the priesthood holder of our family and I am grateful I have had a worthy priesthood holder as my father. He gives great advice too and he's always there to talk to.

These people have always been there for me and I am so grateful they have been. I don't know where I'd be without them! I love them all and I just wanted them to know how much they really do mean to me. Even when I'm constantly complaining about my life, they are still there.

I love you guys!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Another Rant

So yesterday I was walking to my car from church in intense beautiful heels and I was super nervous because 1. I stopped wearing heels after my knee started hurting, 2. It was raining, 3. These were extra high heels, 4. I'm just always nervous in them. So I was nervous and I was about 10 feet from my car when I stepped on a pebble and that was the end of my standing. I fell on the ground. It was mighty painful but thankfully I didn't actually cut anything by my ankle (from the zipper on my shoe not the ground.) It wasn't any major falling, I went down quite gracefully actually but I still went down. Ten steps from my was a guy. Oh for the record I was on BYU campus where the guys are supposed to be "helpful, thrifty, brave" something like that. But he didn't' even ask if I was okay or come to help me. Awesome, also he works at the help desk at the mall, so no big deal I knew him. So I was fine, sore but fine. So I got home and I was thinking...was it just me that he wouldn't help or does he not help anyone? Is he just the guy that won't be the knight in shining armor? Either way he's rude. Not a fan of him anymore. Also my back hurts really bad and my wrists are popping excessively.

In other rants, apparently I'm a pansy because I hurt from that... but if you were to complain about anything it's okay. UGH!

Also in other news, I got into Utah State up in Logan...but do I want to go there? I hate life right now for the record.

OH also... apparently I have a two date limit, after 2 dates guys don't like me big deal.