Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Another Rant

So yesterday I was walking to my car from church in intense beautiful heels and I was super nervous because 1. I stopped wearing heels after my knee started hurting, 2. It was raining, 3. These were extra high heels, 4. I'm just always nervous in them. So I was nervous and I was about 10 feet from my car when I stepped on a pebble and that was the end of my standing. I fell on the ground. It was mighty painful but thankfully I didn't actually cut anything by my ankle (from the zipper on my shoe not the ground.) It wasn't any major falling, I went down quite gracefully actually but I still went down. Ten steps from my was a guy. Oh for the record I was on BYU campus where the guys are supposed to be "helpful, thrifty, brave" something like that. But he didn't' even ask if I was okay or come to help me. Awesome, also he works at the help desk at the mall, so no big deal I knew him. So I was fine, sore but fine. So I got home and I was thinking...was it just me that he wouldn't help or does he not help anyone? Is he just the guy that won't be the knight in shining armor? Either way he's rude. Not a fan of him anymore. Also my back hurts really bad and my wrists are popping excessively.

In other rants, apparently I'm a pansy because I hurt from that... but if you were to complain about anything it's okay. UGH!

Also in other news, I got into Utah State up in Logan...but do I want to go there? I hate life right now for the record.

OH also... apparently I have a two date limit, after 2 dates guys don't like me big deal.


Rachel said...

I have a one date limit. After one date... you get it.

And you're not a pansy. I fell down at the beginning of the semester and I'm still complaining inside.

And you don't want to go to Utah State in Logan, you want to go to BYU-Idaho in Rexburg.

I love you. I rant, and it makes me feel better. I hope you'll feel better too!

And that guy is an idiot, too.

Adrienne said...

Actually I REALLY don't want to go to Idaho... that is one place I know I will not end up.

liz said...

He works at the Help Desk? That's incredible. The irony...

Maybe he was all helped out.