Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random thoughts thrown into one.

So...every girl that isn't dating hates dating. They hate being alone, not having someone to constantly whine to, cuddle with...pretty much they just hate life. But I think what's worse than dating might be having a crush. Boys are really good at leading you on. ESPECIALLY Provo boys. I'm sure girls do it too and shame on them but seriously you can't hold a girls hand, kiss her, pretty much do anything she'll read into with out actually liking her. I hate being twitterpated. I hate waiting for my phone to ring and hoping it's that special guy. I hate constantly wanting to text him but being told from EVERYONE not too. I hate that I have to play the game or he'll get bored. I can't just be like "dude I like you." I have to flirt one time and be rude the next flirt again and act like he doesn't exist the next. Do you get how stupid the dating game is? Everyone hates rejection so that just makes us not want to like guys...Sometimes you get really good at it then that one guy comes along that is just a little different than all the others and intrigues you a little bit more. Yeah, then you have an issue. Then you decide to put yourself out there but you can't do it all. And that is what I hate about dating. I can't control where the relationship will go, how long we'll date, when things will happen anything I can't control that part of my life. It sucks for someone that likes to know what is going on, not okay with surprises...control freak... not to an extreme though...
That's all just wanted to rant about something stupid....but isn't that what I always use my blog for?


Lauren said...

You can text. You can be upfront. If a guy doesn't want that then too bad. If you're passive in dating, you'll get a guy who wants a passive wife. And do you really want to be her? I'm sure there's a guy out there not into the dating game.

Rachel said...

I asked a guy on a date 2 weeks ago. We went and had a good time, but then 2 days ago he told me that he has a girlfriend now. But it was still worth it. :) At least now I know I did everything I could.
Love you Adrienne.