Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So for Valentines Day this year I had no Valentine...Surprise. BUT I did get to celebrate.
Saturday work was CRAZY busy but there was a dance Saturday night at my stake Center and it was AWESOME. and I hate dances... But I enjoyed it.
Sunday I decorated Brendan's apartment to surprise Dahlia. I think we did a pretty good job but you can be the judge
Monday I got to hang out with Kennedy (she's been off at college BYU-I) But we went to breakfast and it was pretty exciting. i miss KD :-)

The table

The cups

Me Melissa and Carrie after decorating

The bedroom...the mug is full of chocolates

Megan and I waiting for the dance to begin

Eatin dinner.


Lauren said...

Cute decorating!! Next time, my house ;-)

Adrienne said...

If you pay me to do it i will

Dahlia said...

Thank you so much Adrienne. I was so excited to come home to that. I thought I wasn't getting anything official for Valentines, but you made my week! And made my hubby look like a grand guy in the process. Way to go girl!! Love you!