Friday, September 12, 2008

Dentists Quarters and Disney Pennies

So I found a Disney Penny at work the other day and I really like it. :-)
Haha it's hard to talk about a person as if they are an object. Usually Sarah and I just stick to I found a quarter oh he's hot. :-) In case y'all were wondering the whole quarter thing came up when we walked into Wal Mart and Sarah said "I bet you a quarter we find a cute guy in here" So I ended up giving her a quarter and in the end we just stopped giving quarters we just said "I found a quarter" So you know no one really knows. :-)
So this guy at work. He's cute and fun and so far a good friend. Of course I've only worked with him for three days but ya know? haha
In other news I went to the dentist and I have two cavities and the highly suggest braces. For the front few teeth. The Chagoyen teeth, the one that's behind all the other teeth. Stupid Cubans and their teeth :-) Just kidding I love you mom :-)
Well i still have to shower before I go to work so I will continue later.

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