Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ice Cream-the root of all evil.

So tomorrows job interview will have to be postponed. This is where I would have worked

I just got this weeks schedule...and I don't like it one bit.
So I'll start with Monday of this week I was scheduled to close the Provo store but a girl named Pheonix took my shift. Tuesday I worked 11-3. Today I worked 10-3. Tomorrow I work 11-5. Friday I work 11-3. Saturday I close the Provo with a shift from 7-1. Sunday OFF thankfully a day of rest. Monday 9:30-3. Tuesday 9:45-4. I HATE MY LIFE. I said I wanted to work a lot of hours but I also like days off. Why can't I just work eight hour days and have all weekend off. I don't like closing at all. It's pretty much horrible. Well not as bad as closing JoAnn's but still pretty bad. Ugh. No more...

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