Monday, August 25, 2008


Today I moved into my new apartment! I was so nervous but it's been good so far. I moved in and just kinda left my stuff until I have the time to put it all away. I love my apartment it's really great only sad thing is we dont have wireless. Which makes no freaking sense in apartments you should really have wireless. So I have to go buy an ethernet cable tomorrow.

I also went to FHE. It was a sports night in Draper at one of my roommates house. Her name is Lyndsey. So we went to Draper and I played a little basketball and stucked I believe I am worse than I used to be...which makes sense. I made a friend but...I dont remember her name...haha oh well that's what church is for. We also had some people that weren't really in our ward crash our FHE but oh well it was still fun.

OH! I also got a job at cold stone today. they just called and were like "when can you start" so that job starts soon :-) yay! i'm super duper excited. :-) Money Money. One of my roommates works early mornings and i work late at night. not good. oh and parking is like IMPOSSIBLE! IT really sucked finding a spot to park. stupid fall.

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