Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My weekend

Well Saturday I got to hang out with Ariel for like 20 minutes. That was fun. I really enjoyed talking to her and seeing her. After that Sarah and I cleaned my car. Oh what fun that was. But it needed to get done. We went and got some cleaning supplies from Macey's, the grocery store, and on our way out we saw the greatest man in the world, Santa. At first he was a little scary only making hand gestures and stuff but whatever we finally figured out what to do and we got our pictures taken with Santa. After the pictures we went back to Lauren's and cleaned. When that was done we went to Aunt Karen's for the Christmas dinner. I brought Cassie, Mels and of course Sarah. It was fun. Sarah and I still needed to get some grocery shopping done but that didn't happen till like 10 pm because we decided to go to Christmas Around the World. It was crazy. Some of it was cool...other parts not so much. After that we went shopping for our date Sunday. We finally got out of the store a little before midnight.
Sunday came and it was the day of our date. I was super excited. It was Sarah's first date here at college and I was going with Matt Peterson. All we we were quite worried one of them would change their mind but they didn't. So 330 rolled around and I went to go get Sarah and Andy. I had to pick up Matt in South Jordan so for the first 30 minutes it was just the three of us. We talked about funny things that happened at girls camp and stuff like that. Then once we got Matt he gave me a quick tour of his house and then HE drove my car to Salt Lake. The whole night he made fun of my car and how it wasn't good enough for him stuff like that. So we went to the Christmas Devotional. It was good. Matt slept through Pres Uchtdorf's talk I was fine with that because I knew he'd been up till like four am but apparently Sarah wasn't too happy with that. After we had a picnic in the back of Richard's jeep. Sandwiches and such. Then we walked around and looked at the lights. It was really pretty. The big trees didn't have lights on them which was sad but understandable.Matt and I in front of the Salt Lake Temple

From left to right Ryan, Sarah, Mels, Richard, Me, Matt
The picture Lauren always takes
Sarah and I. :-)

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