Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Sometimes it is so nice living so close to my family. Not only my siblings but my parents too! It is also very very VERY nice that Lauren has a house that holds all of us when we want to get together. Downside is she lives in so far away in Payson. For Easter we all went to her house and had a traditional dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls. Of course we had rolls. We also had an egg hunt for Mr. Aidan. Unfortunately Brendan and Dahlia's family were with her parents so we didn't get to play with Mr Clay. Here are some pictures from that day. I can't believe how BIG Aidan is. He is going to be a lady killer. Remember when he was just a little chubscout? 

Aidan and Mama decorating the Bunny cake
Aidan looking for eggs outisde
I'm 95% sure he took a bite of the cake after this picture (I taught him well)
It is so nice having nephews old enough to really interact with 

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