Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yogurt Bliss

After many tearful nights of stressing over our budget Robert decided he would take his balloon art to a local Yogurt shop. Now Robert twists there Wednesday nights from 6-8. I love going and watching him make things up. It is so great. Sometimes he just feels the need to be creative and this one of his outlets. 

This little girl wanted a smartphone...Use your imagination with this one.
This handsome little boy (Logan, my coworker's son) got a dog and we decided to use him to display Robert's balloon sign
This is "Ricky Rouse" 
This nerd in the making wanted an "Eye of Horace" 
I think this frog is adorable
This is the back of the cell phone
Okay so Dad is wearing a dragon hat and holding a cupcake.
I totally take the credit for this one because it was my idea. A Rattle Snake. I love it. and him. 

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