Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School and life.

As most of you know I recently started school...At the beginning of May but that's recent right?
Well so far school is going super good. I have a music theory class and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People...The book is our text book. Both are good classes. The scary thing is I get to go home for Lauren and Brittany's wedding in two weeks. I'm super excited to see them but scared to miss class...Theory not scared for but 7 Habits...she isn't happy about people missing her class.
Theory class is super easy...the teacher isn't that great but whatever it will be an easy A. The teacher hands out a packet each class and just reads exactly what the packet says. It's kinda lame the only reason I actually go to class is to get he packets. Missing this class will be no problem.
7 Habits however...we have homework due EVERY class. Each class we learn a new habit...7 weeks in the class 7 habits...kinda scary how fast we're going. This class has brought so much insight to my life. I've realized I need to get my butt in gear. Hopefully by the end of this class I'll be more effective and well happier with where my life is. I highly recommend everyone to read it. I promise if you apply what you learn your life will be so much better. I promise! I had my first test in that class last was an essay test. I haven't written in forever so my hand was for sure cramping. She graded all but 4 tests so I don't know what my grade was. I'm kinda feelin like a B or maybe even a C because I totally blanked on a couple of things. She said only 2 people in the whole class got an A and it was all across the board. Scary right? I don't even know why I didn't get an A I mean it's not a difficult class...I guess I just have a bad memory.
Well only my social life as of late...
Last week we went to this guy Justin's house for a game night. He has a pool table and a ping pong table and a play house outside and a hobbit house inside...pretty much it's the coolest house in the world. I hope my kids can have a house like this. Next time I go I will bring my camera and sneak in a few pictures. We watched Taken...about the 50th time I've seen that movie. Then Saturday I got to spend some time with my friend Kennedy from work. It was super fun. We went to Pizza Factory and then a kids grad party then to the park then to Borders for some hot chocolate. It was a good night. Sunday was a busy day. Sunday morning I started some chicken in the crockpot because I'd invited apartment 310 over for dinner. So I was cooking and getting ready for church then I went to the club house to meet with bishop. I pretty much got a dream calling. I don't even know why I wanted this calling so bad but I'm super excited to have it. I'm an FHE group leader! I hope that I can get to know people in my ward better. Sadly only like 5 people in my group actually showed up. I hope I can get more to come. So back to dinner. I went to church with Alysa and Kim because Mels was taking her sister somehwere in southern Utah. Kim was giving a talk so Alysa and I sat next to Jeremy and Neil. I invted them to dinner too. At 5 everyone showed up for dinner. It was super delicious. I loved it and I think they did too. Neil hung out with me and Alysa while everyone else went home and watched the basketball game. We watched the Italian Job. Then we had ward prayer and we talked. I'm so glad because I have become a lot more social in our ward. I'm glad because now maybe I'll actually have friends other than Mels and Cass. :-) Monday Neil Alysa Kim Nick and I played some volleyball. Melissa was once again off with family sadly. But then we baked cookies and went to FHE. It was a good night. I think it was a great weekend. Yesterday I got to spend some time with Dahlia and Clay and then got o Justin's for a game night again. Life's good. And I'm glad. :-)

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Melissa said...

I'm going to have to read your 7 habits book. Plus you forgot to tell people that Justin has a home theater inside his house with automatic reclining chairs. Love ya. Glad you had a good weekend