Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday Night

Dates are rarely seen in my life and since SOPA and PIPA ruined my life (even though they didn't pass) I had nothing to watch and I didn't REALLY feel like reading Mockingjay I read old letters from my missionary friends.

Facts about letters:
They get shorter the longer they're gone
I wrote Garret as much as the others (and that was all in 6 weeks of him being in the MTC)
They make you laugh
They grow up while they're gone and you can tell

They find ways to entertain you as they write (pictures...hand drawn pictures... hahaha)

I experience a roller coaster of emotion as I was reading them but overall I am so so SO thankful that I have had so many friends serve missions righteously and that I was able to experience some things with them. I am thankful that we were able to stay close and friends throughout the two years they went MIA.

I visited Rexburg a couple times before Garret left and this is one of the times.

This fine gem is from like 2005 probably... haha oh Kurt and his floppy mane

Nick has hopefully forgotten about this incident... for some reason I was brought on the trip when he met his girlfriends parents....awkward BUT at least I got this picture...

And then there's Jeremy. What a cutie. haha

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