Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Getaway

July 4th Brandon and I headed up to Wyoming for his family reunion. We left Provo after eating a red white and blue breakfast with some friends and watching the parade. The drive is only 4 hours to Afton (where they're getting the new temple) It was a nice drive compared to the 11 hour drive I just did a month ago to Bend. It was fun to be able to just talk to Brandon and enjoy time with each other. We got to his Aunt and Uncle's (Steven and GayLynn) just in time for dinner. We enjoyed time with his parents talking and watching Star Trek.
Thursday I woke up 3 hours before everyone (stupid body) and I just sat on the porch and enjoyed the nothignness around me. There's something peaceful about being in the country. It was beautiful there just hills and valleys and lots and lots of green. I called my mom and talked to her for an hour then just read until everyone woke up. After everyone got up and got ready for the day we took a grand tour of Afton, Wyoming. It is a really really small town. There are only 1818 people there according to the sign. But it was really cute. I think little towns are actually quite charming we went into a few shops and all the people working were so sweet and kind. Afton was settled by Mormons so there is a pretty high LDS population there. We drove to places his dad lived and he told us memories about when he grew up and that kinda fun stuff. Later that day we went to go see Brave but the showing was in 3D so we waited until later that night go to see it. I loved it I thought it was way funny and way cute but I'm pretty easy to please haha. Thursday night around midnight his sister and her fiance came into town. We talked with them for a while (until 2 am) planned Friday and went to bed.
 Friday we went to Yellowstone. I was pretty excited because I had never been there. We went with Kellie and Stephen and drove the 3 hours to get there then drove around and went and saw Old Faithful. It was pretty awesome. I also got eaten alive by mosquitoes DURING THE DAY evil creatures Friday night when we got back we enjoyed another nice home cooked meal. (I ate a lot on this vacation...with a lot of cream and carbs but magically lost a pound yay) We lazied around and talked and enjoyed each other. 
Saturday his family went to Jackson but we were planning on leaving so didn't want to go north just to have to go south a little later so we watched Phantom of the Opera and tennis. When that was done we went and picked up some things from town got gas and went on our way. We timed it almost perfectly getting back into town because we had to pick up my roommate Jenny from the Salt Lake Airport. We really got here an hour earlier than needed but took that time to go grocery shopping for Sunday dinner so it was great. We got Jenny came back to Provo and enjoyed some pizza on the living room floor with Jenny and just talked and laughed A LOT. I don't know if it's because I was around his family all weekend and had to be on my best behavior but I feel like Brandon saw a whole new side to me Saturday night... the extremely loud obnoxious tired funny goofy side of me... 
I loved getting to know his parents better. I've met them before but only for a couple hours. They are wonderful people and his family was all really nice. I think they may have liked me too. (I hope)

Grand Tetons

Cute little waterfall

I think this is beautiful, it kinda looks like Tumalo Creek

Brandon enjoying the sun 
Old Faithful

It was fun to get out of Provo and enjoy a little downtime but it's always hard getting back into the swing of things. 

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Dahlia said...

Sweet vaca! Glad you liked the family. sounds like you and the family got along quite well. That's always a good sign. :)