Thursday, January 8, 2009


So I've kinda started to make backgrounds for whatever mood I'm in or if I take lots of new pictures I'll change it or whatever but I just kinda felt like posting my most recent one. An
This is what I have now. The top and bottom pictures have letters on them that spell out family
This was when I was in a very not good mood. yes if you look closely i'm kissing someone big deal get over it. i'm not VL but we all knew that.
This one kept changing. This was after I went to Bend. Yeah yeah the kissing picture again. It was a big event I hadn't been kissed in MONTHS :-)
Then after I went to Idaho
Then after I took pictures with my roommates. I've had this one up for quite some time but I just changed it to the family one tonight.


Don said...

Hey Adrienne,

Imagine that...I stumbled on your Blog while looking for something for Sean's.

Did you know that you're one of my favorite people? It's true. You're always smiling and happy and a pure joy to be around. Hope things are going great for you at LDSBC.

Adrienne said...

Thanks. LDSBC will be good. I don't start again until June 3.
Feel free to read my blog whenever it's kinda boring though.