Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well today was a good day but not it's not. I was thinking and realized that I may think people care about me more than they really do. They don't act like they do care like I think they do...Does that make sense. And I think I put a lot more into all my relationships then the others do. I don't just mean boyfriend/girlfriend. Like friendships too. It's just not fun.
I feel like I get talked down to a lot. And I don't need a freaking "challenge" to get me to do something. Your "challenge" makes me not want to do it. Ok you're not my mother deal with it! And just that I'm not as appreciated. I'm not homesick I think. I mean I was just there and it was really good but in the end I was excited to come back but now. I don't want to be here. But I know Bend isn't a good place for me to be either. I have Kimi and Jessica but that's about it. There isn't a good mormon crowd or anything. It'd just be me. And that doesn't sounds too good. Ugh sometimes I just hate life in Provo. I am ALWAYS the odd one out. And I miss important events and I feel used and unloved and I want to go somewhere where someone will love me. :-(


Maria Bone said...

Did you forget you are supposed to be peculiar? lol What important events did you miss? (Should I challenge you to tell me?)
Love you forever!

Adrienne said...

I dont' know because no one will freaking tell me because I missed it!
I'm really thinking new apartment for next year

Lauren said...

It's hard to adjust to living with roommates and tough to know your place. I was always the odd one out with my roommates and I had to learn to be okay with it. You won't always fit in with everyone. Just remember to relax and have fun and enjoy the time you have getting to know everyone :-) Love you!