Thursday, February 5, 2009


So today I pretty much realized that I'm not going to go on a date for the next two years. Because all these RM's don't date girls that are 18. They don't date girls that are 19. They start dating them again once they turn 20. So pretty much I realized I am going to just spend my weekends alone in my apartment. Yay me! It really sucks. I just wish I had some friends to spend my time with. Like I have people at work. But I hang out with them at work. And I don't want to force myself on people. I don't even care if the people I hang out with are male or female as long as i get some friends. Because I'm kinda tired of being alone. And I don't think living here is worth it if i'm going to spend every night alone or with Lauren, no offence but I should have more friends then you...I mean you're required to be my friend. Yeah... Bottom line... I still have no friends after living here for 9 months.

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