Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

My weekend started Friday when Sarah and I decided to go on an adventure to Salt Lake City! It was so exciting. We got our necessities ready (A HUGE bag of Hubba Bubba Gum and a half pound of fudge) and went on our way. Forty five minutes later the directions sent us on our first wrong turn. We were aiming for the capitol building but instead we were sent to an unknown destination. We could see the capitol and knew we were not going the right way. Once I convinced Sarah to let me turn around we went back the right direction to the capitol. For those of you that don't know the layout of Salt Lake there are many many steep hills. The Capitol happens to sit at the top of one. After a few turns and many big hills we found ourselves on a hill that was even steeper than the ones before. Oh boy as soon as I turned onto it I was praying we'd get up it. I feel bad for the people that live up there when it's icy. It may have been the most intense hill ever. Not one Rachel would want to go biking down with no hands :-) Once we got to the capitol we walked around the outside until we finally found the tour desk. We then went on a tour where we got to see the house the senate the supreme court and the governors ceremonial office. It was pretty awesome. Also once our tour was already started a group of Wolves joined stinky... We finished up at the capitol around 4 and then proceeded to our next stop.

The Ceramonial Office


Sarah the Statue

Beginning our Journey

Our next stop was the Lion House for lunch. Sarah enjoyed some BBQ Pork while I ate some Chicken and Asparagus. I think both were good. Maybe a little over priced but still good. After the Lion House we got to go on a tour in the Beehive House. I've done this tour before but It was crazy this time because there were only four people so I actually could hear and see everything. Some of the rooms were super cool and I really like the house. Did you know that once it was used as womens housing for LDSBC? I bet you didn't. :-) After that we decided to go to Gateway to look at dressed for Eliza's wedding. We never found anything that was just the right color... Plus I wasn't really in the mood to dress up. So we just looked and left. It was 6ish by then and I had told my friend I'd be back by seven so we decided we should go back. Once we were back in Provo we remembered that I needed a mask for Saturday so we went to JoAnn's to get a mask and some supplies to make it pretty. I'm glad I have Sarah because she is WAY more talented than me. After we got the supplies I took her home and hung out with my friend Nathan and watched the DaVinci Code. I took him home around eleven thirty and then got to spend some time with Cassie. I needed NyQuill and she was hungry so about 1 AM we decided to take off and go get some food and NyQuill. Our first attempt at Alberson's was a bust so we went to Macey's and got some medicine for me. Sadly the medicine did NOTHING. But on the bright side I wasn't hungry anymore.

Saturday was fun. I went to pick up Sarah around eleven and then she came over here until 6. She spent many hours on my mask and I am so grateful that she did. It was a beautiful mask and I'm so glad she made it for me :-) THANKS SARAH! Saturday I enjoyed two big events. I went to Date Date Revolution where I went on five dates. My first date was ______ he's new in our ward and didn't get the memo about formal so he was in jeans but it was ok. :-) He is from St. George and actually knows Elder Finlinson. He's studying Mechanical Engineering I think...I know it's something engineering. So he picked me up from my apartment and we drove with Casey, Brendan's friend from work, to the Stake Center. My second date was actually Casey. I got enjoy salad with Casey. We talked about work and school. He's a history major (or something that has to do with history) and he works with Brendan. He said he feels a little weird working at I-Tok because before working there he wasn't too much of a computer geek and he isn't majoring in computers like everyone else. Casey was playing with his fork and twirling it and he ended up throwing a piece of lettuce at my dress. No stains though! :-) My third date was another new guy named Steven. He is living with his dad and brother here in Orem. He's going to BYU and doesn't know what to major in yet. He works at his dad's business where he packages lab needs. Like viles and stuff like that. Steven and I got to eat cold Fettachini Alfredo and Breadsticks. It was good but cold. My fourth date was a guy named Laif. Yes Laif (Layf) really that's how you say it. No idea where that name came from. Laif is from Cedar Ut and is going to BYU. He is living in Raintree and is a roommate with Neil who used to spend a lot of time in our apt. He is a welder I guess. We ate dessert together. Banana splits. mmmm so good. My fifth date was Neil. We enjoyed a dance together and then talked and he drove me home walked me to my door and that was all. It was fun. Overall I think it was a great activity and I think now I actually have some hope that one day I might get a real date. This was not the end of my weekend though. I still had BIG plans for my night.

This is Neil. I didn't bring my camera so this is the only picture I have. I wore my bridesmaid dress from Sandra's wedding and new silver heels. They're like five inches tall... And I'm still shorter than him... I never realized he was that tall.

My final adventure of the night was going to Sp^rk for a Masquerade. Oh boy it was so fun. We got free drinks and food and we just danced it up. Cassie and were dancing and this guy came up to us and said "YOU LOOK LIKE FUN" and started dancing with us too. I miss dances. I'm glad we got to go. I hope they have more parties like that.

So that was my weekend. Not much has happened today. I went to church sang in the choir even though I barely have a voice and then came home. While I was home I overheard my roommates talking about moving out. No one's talked to me about it yet though. Oh well I guess I'm not wanted. Oh well I'll manage with new roommates I guess. Exciting weekend huh? I know you wish you were me

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Melissa said...

That was a pretty fun weekend. You were a busy girl. Love ya