Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Sound of Music distracted me... sorry it's lame.

So I don't know why I don't blog more. I guess it's just because I don't think anyone actually reads it so why should I put the time in when no one is going to read it. But my life over the past little while...
Lauren turned 21! So what better way to celebrate than a non-alcoholic bar? So we went to Spark. As usual it was delicious.My cousin Emily got married this March. She looked beautiful as always. Jonathan came as my surprise date. You all know Jonathan went on his mission to Bend and that's where we met so when he was free for the weekend I invited him to Emily's wedding. My parents ended up guessing who my date was just because I apparently suck at lying. They enjoyed talking to him. He is way smart he was talking to Dad about stuff I had no clue about. But it was a beautiful wedding here are some pictures

My parents came home for that weekend because Claytin was blessed that Sunday. It's crazy he's gettin so big! After the blessing we went back to Brendan and Dahlia's for some food. We have family and friends show up. Clay is a very loved child.

I also went to the Festival of Colors. It is pretty much so amazing. Here's some information about it I can't really explain it. But it's really cool. None of us had ever gone so for our first time. We decided to make shirts I think they were pretty sweet. Carrie's brother Tyler came too. It was way fun. I don't even know what to say about it other then it being amazing.

Sweet Shirts
The temple

We're pretty attractive
Chalk Chalk everywhere

All covered

I had to clean off my glasses

This is a video of us shaking out our hair.


Lauren said...

Yay! An update finally! Good job.

Dahlia said...

I read your blog! I always check to see if you've updated it. :P Looks like you've had a bit of fun the past few months! I would love to go to the festival thing someday!!! Sweet