Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yeah so I'm pretty sure this is the best movie you've ever seen on a blog...well maybe Mel's nephew tops it with his "shirt" comments.(here's that link :-) But tonight was our ward closing social. It was really great we had pizza and cookies and then we had some great entertainment. Melissa and I sang "I Need a Man" The song Lauren G Channel and I sang last year at the ward talent show. It was pretty much amazing and I just thought you guys would want to see it too. I know you'll all love it. :-)

If you can't understand it here are the lyrics

I Need A Man

Look at my smile; isn't it great?
Wouldn't you think that I'd have a date?
Lookin' at me, yeah, you'd think,
"She's got everything."

Look at my clothes; look at my face.
Just once I'd like to go to a nice place.
Fast-food and dollar matinees
They're not everything.

I've got hairspray and makeup aplenty;
I've used toothpaste and mouthwash galore.
Wanna go Dutch? I've got a twenty.

But who cares? No big deal; I want more.

I wanna be where the elders are.
I want one for my eternal companion
One who's not afraid of...
What's that word again? Oh...commitment.

In institute class you don't get too far;
Dates are required for real romancin'.
Hopin' for an engagement...
What's the word again? Ring!

A guy who is fun, a guy who is cute,
A guy who would look real good in a suit.
I'm really great; why don't I date?
I need a man!

What would I give if I could live in Salt Lake City?
What would I pay to spend a day on tem
ple grounds?
Betcha they'd call if they weren't all just so intimidated.
Bright young maiden-sick of waitin'-
Ready for more!

And ready to know what the couples know.
Ask'em my questions and get some answers.
What is a gentleman and why is
What's the word? Extinct!

Why can't they think and see me now?
I am a woman worth more than eight cows!!
I'm really great; why don't I date?


Lauren said...

I LOVE THIS! I think I may link it to my blog for all my friends to see how awesome you are

Lydja said...

Lauren did post it on her blog and I watched it and thought it was very cute. I'm sorry you don't have a man. You seem to be worth MUCH more than eight cows!

Melissa said...

Just so everyone knows we are not really desperate we just thought that the song was funny. But Adrienne we do pretty much ROCK! I'm happy we decided to sing it even if we looked crazy. I love having you as a roommate!