Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In a weeks time

In just a week so much can happen in my life. I don't even understand how it happens. Remember last year when I did NOTHING? Well this year is completely opposite. I rarely make it to bed before midnight because I'm with my roommates or someone else.
I worked Wednesday night with Kennedy. It was super fun even though I hate working nights. If you've never been in Kara's this is what we do when we aren't selling chocolate and this is what we sell.

Some delicious truffles

Even more delicious truffles plus caramels and creams

We sell this way cute apron. But beware when the maniquin is wearing it "you can see the sides of her breasts"- Barbra, one of the older women that works at Kara's
Kennedy tried it on too.
After work we went to Pirate Island. Our new favorite place. We enjoyed a nice big pizza. This time we were joined by Jeremy and his brother. Kennedy's friends...

oAwesome pirates
Jeremy was super excited

The pizza was delicious
Kennedy and Megan bonded some more

Rewinding a big on Monday we had a wonderful FHE. We went to Bro. Moulten's parents house. It was beautiful. They had a sweet tandem bike which many enjoyed while the boys played basketball.

After FHE Laura went to the store and got these delicious Mango licorice things they were SOOOOO good. We even shared one.

At first I wasn't so into the idea...But we needed an awesome picture

Rachel came to visit! Reunited with Jason...

Look how beautiful she is!
They cuddled on the couch
And on Sunday we went on a nice picnic up the canyon it was sooooo beautiful. It was super exciting

We went to Squaw Peak after and took pretty pictures....we also creeped on this couple that was making out! AWESOME!

Also I found the pictures from before Kurt left! What a cutie! I miss this kid already. I do find myself going to text him then I realize he won't get it....sad day right?

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Dahlia said...

Adrienne, YOU CRACK ME UP! I love you!