Monday, October 12, 2009

Which way is out?

Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity of going on to the Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan. It was really fun. They had a haunted one and a normal one. The haunted maze wasn't really a maze just something you walk through. Things would jump out and scare you and what not and I for sure screamed a few times. The ones with chain saws were pretty scary. Especially the one that had it and was swinging it at our legs... Was it really trying to cut our legs off? Not cool. There was one room that was totally black with white masks. All of a sudden a part of the wall jumped off. SUPER SCARY. (It was a person...not the wall falling) I think the worst one was one where this thing with a mask with nasty teeth was growling at me. It got up like way close to my face and wouldn't stop growling. Then I said "will you please stop growling" and he got closer and barked. I jumped so high and probably peed my pants. Oh this was a roommate date. And little did I know my date was as scared of this thing as me. He did not seem very excited to do it at all. But we survived the haunted part. Then we went on to the regular one. We didn't understand that you were supposed to find each of the numbers and get a stamp.... so we just went though and got lost. It was really fun spending time outside of work with Megan and Kennedy. All in all a wonderful date. Great people. Great activity. Great fun.
Our group
Top Row: Me Jesse Creepy Thing Megan Kelly (Kurt's Cousin) and his date
Bottom Row: Neil Dani Nathan

Our group in the maze Nathan Jesse Me Megan Kennedy JeremyJesse not cutting through the field

Apparently they like to skip and link arms
My favorite Kara girls in the entire world! I love them

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Melissa said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. I don't think I could have gone. I may have wet my pants.