Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fairs Birthdays and some David A

Nathan Jourdan and I went to the park and watched a movie

Jourdan decided she was a Gangster

We made the slutty kissy face...Jourdan used her regular one...that was slutty enough

We kidnapped Jourdan at 630 AM to take her out to breakfast

Melissa is a little crazy in the mornings

We went and played with Herbie and Lil Wayne at the duck pond...they didn't like us much

We had a picnic at the pond

Nathan loved his Fruit Roll Up

Mima and Papi has a 60th Wedding Anniversary

They look so happy :-)

Clay looks like a Boss

Drinkin again

Jourdan laughed when her date got scared

We rode the ferris wheel


Yup pretty much

Weirdest animal ever

We enjoyed the poop

We decided Jourdan belonged there

Brent thought he was strong

They thought they'd be cool and walk with another family

Biggest Cow ever

There were BEARS


HSM Tattoos!

We all wanted to look like hicks



Melissa said...

So much fun. I loved the fair and the early morning breakfast.

Dahlia said...

you guys are too funny! I miss the care-free fun of being single, but I'm so glad I never have to go through the dating game again!