Saturday, September 5, 2009

Date??? Um no

So right now I'm supposed to be on a date. But obviously I'm not.
So here is the date story. Over the past year I've lived never to a girl named Alysa. She has 3 little brothers. One just got home from his mission in Georgia. His name is Cody. Alysa has been talking about Cody since before he got home and I told her I wanted to go on a date with him way back then but when he got home we never really did anything for a super long time. I didn't really care but one day I mentioned to Alysa to bring her "hot brother" home with her. So she actually did. Jourdan and I were like little retarded 12 year olds all excited and giddy about seeing him. Yeah imagine it it's a funny funny image...Ask Neil. So I didn't really talk to Cody for a while after that. I might have seen him with Alysa a couple times but I don't even remember. We decided we were going to go on this roommate date the last weekend we were all together. Then I thought I was going to leave early so we didn't ask anyone. But turns out Thursday I find out we're not leaving early and we really wanted dates for Saturday. So I called Cody up and asked him if he'd go with me...He said he wanted to. Four minutes later I get a call back from him and he couldn't go. Not a big deal at all. He said he wanted to reschedule at the time I was kinda excited about it. Ok I was really excited about it. Lets remember throughout this part of the story Jourdan had a boyfriend. So I go on vacation don't even think about it don't even care.
The day I get back Jourdan is over at Alysa's house for dinner with her family. Not a big deal right? I didn't really care. So a couple days later Cody calls me to reschedule for a date a week and a half away. I'm still excited because Cody called me back! Guys never do that for me. :-) But Cody did. So later on in the week I realized Jourdan was always texting Cody. It bugged me a bit. And then I noticed they were ALWAYS texting which bugged me a lot. Why would he ask me on a date when he obviously talked to Jourdan more knew her more whatever. So I let a few days go by but by Saturday I'm totally fed up with it. So I text Cody and say that I feel like he wanted to go on the date with her not me, he was over here to hang out with her texting her all the time oh my gosh it just drove me crazy. He said he asked me because I seem like a fun person and he wanted to ask me. Obviously he wanted to ask me I mean no one was forcing him to. But he wanted to ask Jourdan more I mean EVERYONE could see it. So I say ok. Well then we're still on. He said he'd do a better job of texting me first or whatever so that we can get to know each other since I didn't want to go on a date with a guy that never talks. That was a week before the date. So Jourdan and Cody continue texting all the time I am still super annoyed by it. But I let it go for a week. I just figured we'd just go on the date have fun. I still complained about it but whatever. So last night Jourdan finally admits that she has a "thing" with Cody no one just has the guts to say anything about it. So I told her to. And I don't know if she did but in the end last night at MIDNIGHT Cody called me and said "Something came up tonight that made it so I can't go on the date tomorrow night" Holy crap. 1 Who calls at midnight?! 2 ok mr vague. But i'm more relieved than anything about this date. I didn't want to go in the first place because it would have been the most awkward date ever
I'm not saying Cody isn't a good person or whatever. I think he was being too nice by asking me especially when he liked my friend. And i'm not saying I'm not attracted to Cody because I am he's just a little too short and there is something I don't like so I didn't want to pursue it after the date for sure.
So in the end I am spending another Saturday night in my apartment alone.

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