Thursday, September 3, 2009

Once again some catch up

Well I decided I would use this hour between classes to catch up a little on my blogging.
Quite a few changes have occurred. I now attend LDS Business College. I'm super excited and loving it. I've only had one class but still I love it a lot. i am not looking forward to buying books (Yes I have put that off a bit) But at the same time I'm kinda excited.
A couple weeks ago we took our family trip to Disney Land! It was awesome. Bren Dahlia Carmen and I got to got o the Pirate Dinner Adventure. Brendan says it's better than Midevil times. I'm so excited we got to go we were front and center. It was AWESOME! Other than that we did the Disney Land thing attempting to get to every ride we wanted. Splash Mountain was for sure my favorite. Or maybe Space Mountain gosh I don't know.... Lauren Aaron and I also enjoyed a little trip down to San Diego. We got to go to the zoo it was awesome. We didn't realize it at the time but it took us three hours to walk around and we didn't get to see everything! We also got to go to the San Diego Temple. That thing is GIANT! It was beautiful though. I love love loved it!
Now for the pictures. And you can always check Bren and Dahlia's Blog and Lauren and Aaron's for more pictures.

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Melissa said...

Those are cute pictures. I don't think I've even see all the pictures you took of your trip. I'm happy you are home now though.